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It’s time to move on from Exchange Server 2003.
Are you ready to move to the cloud?

It’s over.  Support for Windows XP has ended and with it goes support for Windows Server 2003 as well as Office 2003 and Exchange Server 2003.  If your organization is still using these old versions of Microsoft’s workhorse products, it’s definitely time to move on.

But move on to what?  Do you upgrade in place or do you move to the cloud?

I’m guessing that if your IT department is still running Exchange Server 2003 you may be the type of team that prefers making decisions on application upgrades and changes deliberately, based on hard data.  You want to know how a particular change will impact your budget and your users before you take the leap.  That type of data is even more important as you consider the choice between keeping your Exchange environment local with Exchange Server 2013 and moving to the cloud with Office 365.  That’s okay.  You’re definitely not alone.

Fortunately, CloudReady Insight, the email assessment solution from Exoprise is here to help.  CloudReady Insight helps you move to the cloud with confidence by performing a detailed analysis of your current Exchange Server 2003 or 2007 environment to give you cost, ROI, and user readiness data based on your current Exchange usage.  In addition, CloudReady Insight analyzes how your users leverage Exchange and Outlook to communicate both internally and externally.  From this you get guidance on which groups are most ready for a move to the cloud as well as which ones might most benefit from using the document collaboration capabilities of SharePoint.

If this sounds like something that would be useful for you, then I have good news.  Exoprise, through a program sponsored by Microsoft, is offering CloudReady Insight FREE for IT teams who need to migrate off their existing Exchange Server 2003 environment, but want to get a better understanding of how well Office 365 will work for their organizational needs and budget.

Want to see CloudReady Insight in action? Check out this brief video demonstration:

As you can see, CloudReady Insight is not a simplistic spreadsheet cost calculator.  It is a sophisticated analysis tool that digs deep into your environment to provide you with real Exchange usage data.  And while the CloudReady Insight assessment is very sophisticated, running it is still very easy.

Ready to analyze your Exchange environment? You can get started in just a few minutes by clicking the link below.


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Patrick Carey

Patrick Carey

Patrick Carey is VP of Products and Marketing at Exoprise

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