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Learn how Exoprise helps deliver optimal end-user experiences with real-time visibility and crowd-powered analytics. We will demonstrate our synthetic and real-user monitoring solutions, answer questions, and help with additional insight.


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Exoprise SaaS Monitoring for Employee Hybrid Work

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We have tutorials, how-tos, and introductions for all our monitoring solutions including ALL of Microsoft 365, Teams Video Conferencing and Exchange Online monitoring


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Digital Experience Solutions for Top Global Brands

Answers to Common Questions

What is Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)?

DEM optimizes business-critical performance of end-user facing applications, services, and the networks they depend on. Key capabilities for Exoprise DEM solutions include analyzing apps and networks for outages, slowness, and poor UX.

What are the benefits of Digital Experience Monitoring with Exoprise?

  • Speed time to resolution for apps, services, and networks
  • Improve desktop, application, and network performance
  • Reduce help desk calls and support tickets
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Ensure service providers are meeting their SLAs, recover SaaS outage credits
  • Enhance capacity planning, device refresh, and IT change management

Is there a free trial?

Deploy up to 3 synthetic sensors (probes) for SaaS apps, Service Watch Browser (extension) for 50 users, and Service Watch Desktop (agent) to 25 devices.

What can be monitored using Service Watch?

Service Watch is a comprehensive endpoint and network monitoring platform that captures and correlates:

  • System & Application resources every 10 seconds
  • System reliability, reliability scores, crashes, hangs and updates
  • Network latency for every application with hop-by-hop inspection
  • SaaS and Enterprise Web App performance from the browser perspective
  • TCP/IP and UDP latency, packet loss, and jitter for UC apps, RDP, VDI, Citrix, and other network dependent apps

Can Exoprise solutions be used for remote/hybrid work?

Synthetics and real-user monitoring are low overhead and can be run on any user's laptop or desktop, and deployed anywhere. Exoprise is ideal for predictive network analytics for home and hybrid employees.

How do you detect network problems for Unified Communications (UC) apps?

UDP packet traffic from communications applications like Teams, Zoom, or WebEx is continuously examined, and the network path is probed for packet loss, jitter, and latency. Service Watch can diagnose network nodes responsible for dropped calls, outages, and poor call quality.

How much does Service Watch cost?

Pricing is a flexible, credit-based system that allows for combining products at any time. Service Watch Browser for 50 users costs a single credit, Service Watch Desktop monitors up to 25 devices for each credit, and most synthetics are a single credit. The list price of each credit is $100 monthly, with volume and pre-payment discounts available.

How Is Exoprise protected and secure?

We leverage the latest in cloud security standards, including HMAC encoding for all communications on top of SSL/TLS. Public-private key pairs (PKI) protects each installation and data element, ALL our binaries are dual-signed Authenticode and private PKI. Exoprise operations are maintained to the highest standard to ensure integrity and security of our customer's data.

Are support plans and consulting available?

Technical workshops, training, consulting, and enterprise support are available with an annual purchase. You can request a detailed quote by contacting sales.

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