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Microsoft SCOM
Integrated and Enhanced with Exoprise

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What is Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)

Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is a component of the broader Microsoft System Center suite. It’s designed for monitoring application and server performance and health. SCOM provides a collection and management console for a comprehensive view of the IT environment. This enables IT administrators to proactively identify and address issues before they impact organizational operations.

SCOM System Installation, Maintenance and Monitoring

SCOM is agile and highly customizable; however, System Center does have limitations and falls short in certain critical areas:

  • It can be costly when monitoring only a few devices by small to medium-sized organizations.
  • There is a steep learning curve and hefty hardware requirements, along with management overhead to maintain and operate SCOM well.
  • Depending on the Microsoft-based servers and applications, numerous additional components or “packs” are required.
  • The latest version just tests Graph APIs, which don’t tell you what a real-user experiences when accessing Exchange, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, or other underlying services.
  • The Microsoft 365 Management Pack doesn’t test the same actual services. It’s just good for testing tenant uptime, and barely at that.
Person waiting and maintaining SCOM

Configuring SCOM can be overwhelming, especially when
it comes to monitoring SaaS apps.

Exoprise is easy to deploy, you can do it in 5 minutes

Exoprise Enhances System Center Operations Manager

Exoprise customers utilizing SCOM benefit from relying on both tools. SCOM is typically deployed to monitor Microsoft application server roles while Exoprise is used to monitor SaaS, Web, UCaaS, endpoints, and business critical suites like ALL of Microsoft 365. Other areas where Exoprise extends and enhances Microsoft SCOM include:

Superior for Microsoft 365

Superior for Microsoft 365

The Microsoft 365 Management Pack lacks real-user emulation, it just covers OAuth/Graph-based access which doesn’t tell you much.

SCOM Web/SaaS Monitoring

Script-free SaaS/Web Monitoring

SCOM can’t monitor SaaS applications. Most apps are no longer confined to Microsoft servers.

VoIP, UCaaS SCOM Monitoring

Deep Support for Mission-critical UCaaS

SCOM can’t tell you anything about Zoom, Teams, or VoIP systems which are mission-critical.

DEM/DEX Monitoring

Endpoint Digital Experience Monitoring

Combining synthetics with real-user monitoring is crucial for complete visibility

Remote Work for SCOM

Hybrid Work & Remote User Support

SCOM support for remote offices or remote work and hybrid users is non-existent, Exoprise can help

Network Testing for SCOM

Proactive Network Testing/Monitoring

SCOM network monitoring doesn’t work to the endpoint or for remote and home users

Synthetics + Real User Monitoring Integrated into SCOM

CloudReady synthetic monitoring integrates with Microsoft SCOM for web and network resource availability. It offers optimal monitoring for Microsoft 365, covering core apps, services, and network dependencies.

Exoprise synthetics extend beyond Microsoft Services to on-premises installations, providing proactive problem detection. Additionally, Exoprise offers lower-level network sensors for UDP, TCPIP, VoIP, and more.

Service Watch, Exoprise’s Digital Experience Monitoring platform, deployed to end-user devices, provides comprehensive network metrics and SaaS/UCaaS telemetry. Combining proactive synthetic monitoring with full coverage for every endpoint, OS, and work environment.

Service Watch captures TCP and UDP traffic of applications in use, allowing you to drill into application information when users experience issues, identifying the cause.

Network Path Analysis for RUM and Proactive Synthetics
Cloud-based Alarms Integrated into SCOM

Exoprise Proactive and RUM Alarms Integrated into SCOM

Exoprise alarms can be integrated and distributed via SCOM for proactive notifications into a Network Operations Center. Exoprise alarms are distributed and highly available in any SCOM endpoint for elevation to NOC screens. 

Exoprise notifications can be multiplexed into ServiceNow, Webhooks, Email Hooks, Azure Monitor and SCOM for integration with any runbook or process workflow. 

Exoprise Can Help

Whether SCOM is the current monitoring solution and IT teams are looking to expand their monitoring capabilities, Exoprise solutions can help.  By combining CloudReady synthetics with Service Watch real-user monitoring, organizations can get ahead of outages and ensure the end users’ experience isn’t diminished. Don’t believe us?

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