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Automated Office 365 Outage Detection

Early outage detection, analyze root cause faster, and reduce response times.

Microsoft Office 365 Outages Are Increasing

Microsoft Office 365 outages are increasing. Office 365 subscription services for Outlook, Teams, Exchange Online, OneDrive, Azure, Yammer, and SharePoint are used by millions of users worldwide. Whether for personal or business use, outages on this scale are frustrating and expensive. Office 365 outages can be costly. According to Gartner, the average cost of IT outages is $5,600 per minute and up to $300,000 per hour. Traditional tools do not look beyond their network and lengthen the process of troubleshooting.

Microsoft 365 Outages

Your Business Needs Uptime Not Downtime

Your business needs a proactive Office 365 monitoring solution improves uptime and lowers Office 365 downtime by automating fault detection and improving the end-user experience.

Reduce MTTR

Average Mean Time to Resolution per incident for top-performing organizations vs 224 mins for others.

Improve Employee Productivity

Percent of performance issues proactively detected at Top Performing Organizations vs 39% for others.

Optimize Digital Experience

Increase in number of companies embracing a remote hybrid work model infrastructure.

Resilient to Outage graphics

Make Your IT Environment Resilient to Office 365 Outage

Service outages, whether in the corporate LAN, at the provider’s data center, or somewhere in between (like the network) often happen as a result of upgrades or network changes. These changes usually stem from software upgrades, capacity, or the desire for performance improvements.

By utilizing Exoprise solutions, organizations can mitigate Office 365 issues such as failures, outages, and transient errors. Comprehensive insight into the Service Delivery Chain provides accurate pinpointing of changes, whether internal or external.

Monitor Every Application in the Microsoft Office 365 Suite

Existing monitoring tools cannot be instrumented to monitor the deep stack infrastructure on which these applications run. Only Exoprise provides the ability to monitor the entire Office 365 suite from every vantage point, giving IT the visibility it needs to manage outages and minimize risk.

Office 365 Synthetics

Automatically test the health of Office 365 service from sensors that monitor and collect real-time data.

Outage Alerts

Roll out new application changes with confidence. Monitor Office 365 Outlook, Exchange outage alerts during any service issues.

A Monitoring Platform

Transform expensive war room scenarios into all hands deck in one single monitoring platform.

Early Detection of Microsoft Teams Outage and Office 365 Outage Map

Employees and customers who regularly use Office 365 should be notified of an impending outage early on, allowing IT teams ample time to inform customers and manage employee expectations. With proactive monitoring and deeper synthetics for any SaaS application, Exoprise detects Microsoft outages at least 2-3 hours in advance, even before the service provider acknowledges them on its Twitter feed.

Real evidence of outages detected along the network path or in Microsoft’s datacenters is critical for network administrators, help desk, and ITSM support staff to reach out to their business leaders in time and send clear messages for the resumption of operations.

Integrate with ITSM and Existing Systems Management Tools

There is no time to waste if critical Office 365 services are experiencing an outage service disruption. Streamline incident management by automating ticket creation and resolution to ensure excellent end-user digital experiences, enhanced cross-functional communication, and optimal business productivity.

Automate Ticketing

Capture alerts from the under-performing Office 365 applications and automatically route to ITSM of your choice.

Facilitate Communication

Distribute outage notifications through email, SMS, chat, or Web Hook and coordinate troubleshooting with team.

Accelerate Troubleshooting

Automatically acquire alarm and sensor property variable data in notifications to speed troubleshooting.

Analyze Root Cause During Microsoft Outage to Eliminate Finger Pointing

Leverage an all-in-one single pane of glass for end-to-end detection and root cause network analysis

Enhance Decision-Making

Collaborate with network and IT admins using a single monitoring dashboard.

Recover SLA Refund Credits

Document Microsoft 365 outage violations, earn back SLA refund credits for outages

Improve Digital Experiences

Trust Exoprise data to let your teams know ASAP and before your ISP and cloud providers do.

Integrated 360-degree View of Microsoft 365 Service Status

Exoprise solutions integrate per-tenant Office 365 Service Status and Service Health Dashboard directly within the console. See both sides of your Office 365 health from any network or SSO providers for a 360-degree view of your SaaS and cloud services. Reduce data loss affecting users, ensure your providers are meeting their service-level agreements, and improve Microsoft 365 availability for your entire business.

Recent History of Office 365 Outage and Status

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