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A sensor (a probe) monitors 1 or more applications from one site. Exoprise offers more than 50 different sensor types and more under development all the time. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask us about it. CloudReady synthetics are what proactive, early detection is all about.

You can deploy up to 3 synthetic sensors (probes) or up to 50 Service Watch Browser (extension) users or up to 25 Service Watch Desktop (agent) deployments. You’ll get full access to all the digital experience monitoring and end-to-end network diagnostics available in the paid version – even the full power of the crowdsourced data analytics. That will give you an idea of what complete visibility into the digital experience of mission-critical cloud services looks like.

Exoprise securely collects statistics from synthetic sensors installed behind your firewall on what are called private sites. Private sites are supported on any Windows OS. Read more about our easy setup.

Public sites are managed by Exoprise at various locations throughout the world and are great for comparing against internal LAN/WAN conditions. Public sites are also important for emulating users outside the corporate LAN/MPLS/WAN. Read more about public and private sites.

Yes, Service Watch Desktop is a superset of Service Watch Browser and correlates client-side performance metrics alongside browser metrics (and a bunch of other things!).

Maybe. You can try by contacting sales at Exoprise and let them know why you need it for longer. But be proactive, we tend to frown upon extensions after the trial’s expired.

Service Watch Browser for 50 users costs a single credit per month with no servers to install, no databases to configure. Service Watch Desktop is a single credit per month for 25 users. Each credit has a list price of $100 with discounts available (talk to us). Credits are flexible and can be used for synthetics or real-user monitoring.

Yes, we offer discount programs and annual invoiced purchase plans.

Sign up at to get started. No credit card is required, you get 3 credits and 15 days. The trial doesn’t start until you successfully deploy something, so go check it out now and start when you’re ready.

No way. There are no firewall changes required for using Exoprise solutions. Desktops, sensors, and browser add-ons securely communicate with Exoprise servers via HTTPs / 443.

Absolutely, what good is a DEM solution that doesn’t support proxies or VPN diagnostics? Exoprise solutions excel at diagnosing poor proxy, SASE, and VPN performance.

Yes, Service Watch excels at analyzing Wi-Fi and network conditions alongside analysis of ISPs, the Internet, and network latency. This quickly identifies the source of network problems.

Absolutely, Service Watch Desktop examines network dependent applications in real-time to detect poor response time, congestion, and other types of packet loss.

Exoprise’s synthetic monitoring can be run from the same service that is Service Watch Desktop for a unique combination of proactive and passive monitoring from every vantage point.

Yes, the Teams AV sensor executes an audio and video conference between an Exoprise BOT and a login account. Teams, your network, ISP and Internet are tested every few minutes and WebRTC statistics are captured to detect performance problems.

No, that’s not necessary, but some customers do. Service Watch captures each users experience and hop-by-hop data when they are in a meeting. Teams sensors are for proactive call quality detection where you don’t have to wait for the business to be impacted.

Service Watch can capture telemetry and hop-by-hop latency, jitter, and packet loss for any application including Teams, Zoom, Slack, and Cisco Webex.

Yes, we do, in 3 ways. Our sensors generate data into the CQD, our dashboards can embed call quality data, and our network path performance data links to the CQD for all participants.

Every 30 seconds, the network path is captured, tested, measured and uploaded. TCP/IP control channels are examined every 15 seconds.

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