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Monitoring the Digital Experience of Salesforce

Ensure the world’s leading CRM platform delivers on its potential to empower your team

Because Sometimes Even the Best Falter

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) service that serves multiple business functions, including sales, marketing, billing, customer support, and IT. Employees work together daily and rely on an optimal Salesforce digital experience to build a sales pipeline, fulfill business deals, and even create custom single-page application workflows. Undoubtedly, Salesforce’s availability and performance are critical to smooth business operations and gaining a competitive advantage.

However, internal department users extensively customize and configure the app to suit different business requirements. This customization and Salesforce Lightning implementation make for a rich application environment but can lead to more end-user performance problems. In addition, the Salesforce AppExchange Store allows administrators to integrate with over 3,000 third-party apps, plugins, and APIs to establish a successful customer implementation. But each integration point introduces latency and affects the page loading time for the end-user.

Remote Work Requires Robust Salesforce Proactive Monitoring

Today, most end-users work from home, anywhere, or are adapting to a new hybrid reality. They are outside the domain-controlled office environment and connect to Salesforce via various home networks, Wi-Fi, routers, gateways, ISPs, and endpoint devices. As a result, remote employees have mixed experiences with the same cloud service from multiple locations. And if the app is slow or a particular page is not loading, IT and salesforce admins have limited context and visibility to quickly fix or prioritize end-user experience issues. Moreover, it can sometimes take hours for support team to pinpoint the problem and identify the root cause in the network.

Turbocharge Your CRM with Salesforce Monitoring

Reduce Salesforce Downtime

Analyze and improve Salesforce digital experience

Boost Business Productivity

Ensure Salesforce is operating well and increase business productivity

Increase Sales + Retention

Salesforce efficiency means increased sales & better customer relations

Troubleshoot Salesforce Issues

Quickly diagnose end-user Salesforce problems everywhere

Improve Salesforce Visibility

Get visibility into Salesforce response times and outages for every employee

Optimize Salesforce Networking

Optimize the networking and security layers for Salesforce access no matter where employees work from

Upon returning from a weekend, our employees could not access their Salesforce app in the morning. As a result, IT and several other teams spent at least half a day trying to find the root cause, which cost the company about $500K. With Exoprise synthetics, we would have immediately narrowed the problem to a change made by the network team and saved a huge loss to the company.

Global CRM Head, Financial Services Company

Synthetics and Real User Monitoring for the Best Salesforce Digital Experience

Application and network monitoring is becoming more advanced, and the Exoprise Digital Experience Monitoring solution takes Salesforce performance monitoring to the next level. Combine proactive Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM) and endpoint Real User Monitoring (RUM) – Better Together – in a single pane of glass to provide a rich end-user digital experience for Salesforce app users.

Monitor Salesforce Performance and Availability at all Endpoints

Start configuring specific Salesforce URLs or domains that your team uses daily in Service Watch Browser. Then deploy the browser plugin extension for all or a set of remote users to monitor Salesforce network connectivity in minutes. Service Watch browser-based RUM securely collects session-specific performance data as employees navigate the URLs, allowing network teams to track and analyze Salesforce app performance anytime using the following metrics.

  • Web Experience Score
  • Page Load Time
  • Resource Download Time
  • Navigation Time
  • Login Time

Read more about Service Watch Browser.

Visualize Salesforce Lightning Experience for End Users

Get a quick overview of how your employees experience the Salesforce web app in their network through browsers such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Service Watch Browser helps your team identify and prioritize users experiencing problems with specific configured Salesforce domains — based on the web experience digital score. The tool categorizes incoming application requests across three groups (client, server, and network) to uncover performance bottlenecks with the Salesforce Lightning Experience. Visualize, sort, and filter trends and requests by Salesforce URL or end-user. No more guesswork and get straight to troubleshooting Salesforce navigation and critical issues.

Analyze Page Rendering Performance for Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning renders more content at the client end than the classic version. So, the browser-based real user monitoring tool checks for all page dependencies and timing metrics to provide remote employees with a better experience. Optimizing the critical rendering path for Salesforce is crucial to allowing a browser to load a page faster, thus increasing productivity and improving satisfaction. Under the URLs tab in Service Watch Browser, you can search for different types of page resources (image, CSS, XHR, Link), related transaction times, and sort by various sub-metrics for immediate diagnosis.

Salesforce User Monitoring with Network Path Performance Visibility

Service Watch Browser monitors the connectivity from endpoint devices to the Salesforce service and tracks the underlying infrastructure along the network path. Visualize end-to-end traceroute data and network performance characteristics of each network node in a waterfall diagram. When employees complain about page problems, quickly identify where traffic slowdowns, packet loss, and latencies occur in the network path (DNS, gateway, router, ISP, or Salesforce application server).

Establish Baselines to Optimize Salesforce Network Connectivity

Get a pulse of Salesforce application performance monitoring and the state of your network connection using metrics such as Time to First Byte, Connect Time, Proxy Connect Time, and DSN Lookup Time. Why? Salesforce server response time is vital to delivering a high-quality experience to end-users. The longer it takes to load a page, the more frustrated your sales team becomes. CloudReady synthetic monitoring benchmarks and compares the performance of your hosted Salesforce server with a global customer base as an opportunity to optimize your network.

Read more about crowdsourcing analytics.

Is Salesforce Down? Continuous Monitoring to Know in Advance of Outages

Configure alarms for the Salesforce sensor so that when performance dips below a certain threshold, Exoprise automatically generates proactive alerts and contextual notifications for your team to troubleshoot rapidly. Take all the necessary steps, such as communicating with employees early, rolling back changes, isolating root causes, etc. Receive notifications when

  • Planning initial rollout or monitoring of the existing Salesforce platform deployment
  • Monitoring Salesforce experience and performance from multiple locations
  • Reporting Salesforce availability and uptime stats with trend analysis (30- or 90-day period)
  • Gaining first-hand Salesforce performance and user experience knowledge after deploying a production fix
Frequently Asked Questions about Salesforce Application Monitoring
  • Does an Exoprise trial cover both synthetic and real-user monitoring of Salesforce?
    A 15-day trial includes up to 3 synthetic transaction sensors (CloudReady) from any location, Service Watch Desktop for up to 25 users, and Service Watch Browser for up to 50 users. Both tools can be used for complete Salesforce application monitoring and optimizing critical business processes.
  • How many sensors or agents do I need to use to monitor Salesforce performance in real time?
    You want to run synthetic transaction monitoring sensors for proactive monitoring from any location where you have employees utilizing Salesforce or Salesforce applications. You want to run synthetic transaction monitoring sensors for proactive monitoring from anywhere you have employees utilizing Salesforce or Salesforce applications. For real-user monitoring of end-user remote environments, use Service Watch Desktop license credits for up 25 users each and Service Watch Browser credits for up to 50 users each — combine both to generate a positive employee experience. With Service Watch Browser, you can configure and monitor any Salesforce cloud application URL.
  • How complicated is the scripting and maintenance for Salesforce sensors? Does it support Multi-factor Authentication?
    Salesforce synthetic transaction monitors (Exoprise sensors) don’t require scripting. The only thing required is a valid test account. Configure the sensors to navigate the Salesforce or App Exchange application and don’t require any maintenance. Exoprise Salesforce monitoring tool supports testing accounts with MFA enabled to ensure the security and integrity of your environment.
  • Are single sign-on and other Salesforce security solutions tested as well?
    Yes, Exoprise synthetic monitoring for Salesforce supports thoroughly testing Single Sign-On solutions (SSO) and protecting the Exoprise environment with SAML integration.
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