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Cloud Health Report and Exoprise News Letter

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Best Practices to Improve End User Experience Management

Combine synthetics and real user monitoring to deliver a seamless Microsoft 365 experience. As work anywhere becomes a dominant reality, employee productivity and technology empowerment will be critical goals to measure.

Benchmark Network Capacity and SaaS Application Performance

Benchmark SaaS application and network capacity performance through the power of crowd intelligence. Reduce MTTR and accelerate troubleshooting during outages by instantly finding bottlenecks in the service delivery chain.

Optimize Monitoring Strategy for End User Productivity

Exoprise offers businesses a 360 degree DEM solution for cloud, network, and workspace digital transformation. With complete coverage for ALL of Office 365, Exoprise ensures high productivity for the remote workforce.

Work Anywhere Digital Experience Delivery Challenges

Most legacy tools are monitoring on servers and websites and lacking coverage on holistic real-time user experience. Rapid migration to digital tools and platforms creates additional challenges for IT to deliver and manage end-user experience.  

How to Monitor ALL of Microsoft 365

Monitoring Microsoft 365 is essential to ensure a superior digital experience with cloud productivity apps. Exoprise effectively monitors the health and performance of applications such as Teams, SharePoint, etc. via synthetic sensors and captures real-time metric data in CloudReady.

Evolution of End User Experience Management

End-User Experience Management (EUEM) is evolving post-pandemic. Engagement and productivity insights continue to be delivered via synthetic and real user monitoring for Microsoft 365, Office 365, Teams, and SaaS applications.

RUM and Synthetic Monitoring for Business Success

Real User Monitoring (RUM) is important due to the changing remote work environment. Passive, real-user monitoring the actual employee end-user experience accessing web and SaaS applications.

[WEBINAR]: Work Anywhere: Ensuring Superior Digital Experiences with Synthetics & RUM

Watch this conversational webinar featuring guest speaker Forrester Senior Analyst, Andrew Hewitt, for a discussion on the evolution of digital experience management and the future of work.

How to Monitor Microsoft 365 Teams Audio Video Performance

Watch this video to see how easy it is to get started monitoring Microsoft Teams Audio Video performance in real time with Exoprise synthetics.

How to Monitor Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online

Watch this video to see how to get started monitoring Microsoft 365 by setting up a first Private Site and SharePoint Online sensor.

Optimize SaaS Networking and Apps Today

See how Exoprise helps you optimize your Software-as-a-Service Apps and their networks today

Exoprise CloudReady Overview

Overview video for Microsoft Ignite

Office 365 Service Health Dashboard Integration

Connecting your CloudReady account directly with Office 365 via Microsoft’s Service Communications API is easy and enables you to get a three dimensional view of the health and performance of your Office 365 service in one convenient place.

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