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Read this paper to learn how Exoprise crowdsourced digital experience solutions solve real problems, speed time to resolution and reduce costs.

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How To Monitor Zoom Solutions Brief

Monitor Zoom Video Conferencing, VoIP with Exoprise

Read this solution brief to see how easy it is to proactively monitor Zoom Video Conferencing from every network and vantage point.

Read This Solutions Brief To See How To Proactively Monitor Microsoft Teams

Proactively Monitor Microsoft Teams with Exoprise

Read this solution brief to see how to monitor Microsoft Teams proactively from every location and for every user

Synthetics + RUM For Network DEM

Better Together: Embrace RUM + Synthetics for Complete Network DEM

Read this whitepaper to learn why to leverage both technologies for superior employee experiences

Optimize End User Experience & Reduce Time to Resolution with Crowdsourced Monitoring

Learn how crowdsourced monitoring and real-time benchmarks can benefit any organization.

Exoprise SaaS Monitoring Best Practices

SaaS Monitoring Best Practices: How To Ensure Optimal SaaS Performance

Traditional methods of monitoring mission-critical apps require new thinking. Modern SaaS and cloud apps require Digital Experience Monitoring

Showcase IT Workflow Automation Value

Maximize IT Investment by Integrating with CloudReady and ServiceNow

Take back control and visibility. Learn how enterprises can leverage CloudReady to integrate and enhance SaaS monitoring workflows.

Exoprise Case Study Global Manufacturer

Global Manufacturer Finds Its Sweet Spot For Network Monitoring With Exoprise CloudReady

Read this case study to learn about the benefits this company received from Exoprise solutions.

BCD Travel And Exoprise CloudReady For Monitoring Microsoft 365

Exoprise Delivers Resilient Digital Experience and Microsoft 365 Visibility to BCD Travel

Read this case study to learn about the benefits this company received from Exoprise solutions.

Exoprise CloudReady 5-Star Review

Exoprise CloudReady Gets 5-Gold Stars In Product Review

Read this review of Exoprise CloudReady from Sean Goodman for Techgenix

Loudoun County Case Study

Exoprise Enhances Microsoft 365 Visibility and DEM for Cutting-Edge Loudoun County, Virginia

Read this case study to learn how cutting-edge Loudoun County got back visibility into core services once they moved to the cloud.

How To Monitor ALL Of Salesforce Brief

Monitor ALL of Salesforce with Exoprise

Monitor ALL of Salesforce, Lightning, Add-ins with Real-User and synthetic monitoring in one platform

King's Daughter Medical Center Exoprise Case Study

Exoprise Helps Revolutionize Patient Care for King’s Daughter Medical Center

Read this case study to learn how Exoprise shaped effective monitoring and future patient care support for King's Daughter Medical Center


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Service Watch Desktop

Digital Experience Monitoring for UCaaS, Apps, Networks and SaaS Services Wherever Employees Work

Service Watch Browser

Browser-based Software-as-a-Service and Web application monitoring

Synthetics for SaaS, All Sensors Overview

Complete listing and description of our current sensors

Service Watch Browser And Service Watch Desktop

Service Watch DEM Platform

Overview of the Exoprise Service Watch platform

Microsoft Teams Monitoring by Exoprise

Monitor Microsoft Teams with Exoprise CloudReady. End-to-end visibility into Teams with synthetic transactions.

Exoprise Solutions Brief

Overview of Exoprise Solutions including Digital Experience Monitoring, Visibility for Network Transformations, UCC and VoIP…

RDS and RDP Monitoring

Monitor, Test, & Troubleshoot Your RDS / VDI Environments with Continuous Login Simulation and Network…

Exchange Online Monitoring

End-to-end Monitoring for Exchange Online, Hybrid Exchange, ActiveSync, MAPI, EWS and more

SharePoint, SharePoint Online Monitoring

End-to-end Synthetic Monitoring for SharePoint Online, Hybrid SharePoint, & SharePoint 2016

Complete Office 365 Monitoring

CloudReady Monitoring for Office 365 with complete coverage for all of the services, protocols and…

Cloud Health Report and Exoprise News Letter

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ConnectWise PSA Integration Video

Real-time ConnectWise PSA Tickets and Integration

See how Exoprise integrates synthetic SaaS and Digital Experience Monitoring with ConnectWise PSA

Service Watch Active Test Video Tutorial

Service Watch Active Test Introduction

Watch this video to see how to configure and utilize Service Watch Active Test, the perfect combination of lightweight synthetics and real-user monitoring

Digital Experience Monitoring for macOS tutorial

Digital Experience Monitoring for macOS

Watch this video to see the benefits of Service Watch Desktop for macOS, how to configure and install it along with Service Watch Active Test

Monitor and Diagnose Azure Virtual Desktop

Monitoring and Diagnosing Azure Virtual Desktop

Synthetics and real-user monitoring to monitor Azure Virtual Desktop proactively and for every end-user

Exoprise ServiceNow Integration

Real-time ServiceNow Incidents

Open & close tickets in response to real user or synthetic outages

Troubleshoot Salesforce Performance Issues with Exoprise

Troubleshooting Salesforce With Exoprise

Watch this tutorial to see how to troubleshoot Salesforce, Salesforce Lighting, and Hyperforce

Video Tutorial: Troubleshooting SharePoint performance & reliability issues

Troubleshooting SharePoint Performance Problems

Watch this tutorial to see how to troubleshoot SharePoint performance and availability problems.

Video Tutorial: Troubleshooting Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Online

Troubleshooting Microsoft Outlook & Exchange Online

Watch this tutorial to see how to troubleshoot slow Microsoft Outlook issues or Exchange Online performance.

Troubleshooting Microsoft OneDrive

Troubleshooting Microsoft OneDrive with Exoprise

Watch this tutorial to see how to troubleshoot Microsoft OneDrive with Exoprise solutions

Troubleshoot Microsoft Teams with Service Watch and CloudReady

Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams with Service Watch and CloudReady

Watch this tutorial to see how to use Service Watch Real-User Monitoring and CloudReady Synthetics to troubleshoot Microsoft Teams in real-time

Device Groups for aggregating metrics across 1000's of devices

Introduction to Service Watch Device Groups

Device Groups enable aggregating metrics across 10's of 1000's of devices for rapid viewing, alarming, and visualizations

Use Device Group data across 1000's of machines in Exoprise Dashboards

Device Groups In Dashboards

Build dashboards with custom Device Group data to quickly see metrics across 1000's of machines

Build Custom Dashboards with Synthetics and Real-user Monitoring

CloudReady Synthetics + Service Watch RUM Custom Dashboards

Build dashboards that combine synthetic sensor data and real-user monitoring data into dashboards for different IT teams

microsoft teams problems and diagnosis

Diagnose Microsoft Teams Problems in 3 Clicks or Less!

Watch this video to learn how to troubleshoot Microsoft Teams issues from anywhere using hop-by-hop analysis and network path performance insights.

digital experience monitoring solution

Exoprise Intro: Synthetics + RUM In One Platform

Watch this video for an introduction to the Exoprise platform covering CloudReady Synthetics and Service Watch Digitial Employee Experience Monitoring

monitor SaaS app with best practices

How to Monitor any SaaS Application without Scripting

Watch this video to learn how to use to monitor SaaS applications (internal or external) without scripting. IT can collect valuable web performance metrics (login time, connect time, TTFB, DNS lookup time, etc.) under five minutes.

real user monitoring for SaaS applications

Real User Monitoring for SaaS Apps

Watch this video to learn how to use the Service Watch Browser to monitor SaaS applications with real user monitoring. Get detailed page diagnostics and troubleshoot local network connectivity issues.

How to Monitor Exchange Online

How to Monitor Microsoft Exchange Online

Watch this video to learn how to Monitor Microsoft Exchange Online Mail queues, SPAM filters, and troubleshoot slow email delivery for an improved end-user experience.

How to Monitor OneDrive for Business

How to Monitor Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Watch this video to learn how to successfully monitor the Microsoft OneDrive enterprise application. Benchmark and compare OneDrive performance issues with CloudReady crowd data.

How to Monitor Azure Active Directory (AAD)

How to Monitor Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD)

Watch this video to see how Exoprise CloudReady monitors Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) identity management solutions in real-time and collects metrics such as TTFB, connect time, DNS lookup time, etc. for quick diagnosis.

Best Practices for Combining RUM and Synthetics

Best Practices to Improve Digital Experience Monitoring

Combine synthetics and real user monitoring to deliver a seamless Microsoft 365 experience. As work anywhere becomes a dominant reality, employee productivity and technology empowerment will be critical goals to measure.

Benchmark Network Capacity and SaaS App Performance with Crowd-Sourced Analytics

How to Benchmark Application Performance

Benchmark SaaS application and network performance through the power of crowd intelligence. Reduce MTTR and accelerate troubleshooting during outages by instantly finding bottlenecks and outages in the service delivery chain.

Optimize Your Digital Experience Monitoring Strategy

End User Experience Monitoring to Improve Productivity

Exoprise offers businesses a 360 degree DEM solution for cloud, network, and workspace digital transformation. With complete coverage for ALL of Office 365, Exoprise ensures high productivity for the remote workforce.

End-User Experience Monitoring Challenges in the age of Work from Anywhere

Why You Need a Digital Experience Monitoring Strategy

Most legacy tools are monitoring on servers and websites and lacking coverage on holistic real-time user experience. Rapid migration to digital tools and platforms creates additional challenges for IT to deliver and manage end-user experience.  

How to Monitor ALL of Microsoft 365

How to Monitor ALL of Microsoft 365

Monitoring Microsoft 365 is essential to ensure a superior digital experience with cloud productivity apps. Exoprise effectively monitors the health and performance of applications such as Teams, SharePoint, etc. via synthetic sensors and captures real-time metric data in CloudReady.

Evolution of End-User Experience Management and Mointoring Featuring Forrester

How End User Experience Monitoring and Management Benefits IT

End-User Experience Management (EUEM) is evolving post-pandemic. Engagement and productivity insights continue to be delivered via synthetic and real user monitoring for Microsoft 365, Office 365, Teams, and SaaS applications.

Better Together: Real User and Synthetic Monitoring for Business Success Video

Better Together: Synthetics and Real User Monitoring for Complete End-User Digital Experience

To achieve successful business and information technology transformations you need to monitor the employee digital experience using both synthetic and passive monitoring.

[WEBINAR]: Ensure Superior Digital Experiences with Synthetics + RUM

[WEBINAR]: Work Anywhere: Ensuring Superior Digital Experiences with Synthetics & RUM

Watch this conversational webinar featuring guest speaker Forrester Senior Analyst, Andrew Hewitt, for a discussion on the evolution of digital experience management and the future of work.

How to Monitor Microsoft Teams

How to Monitor Microsoft Teams Audio Video Performance

Watch this video to see how easy it is to get started monitoring Microsoft Teams Audio Video performance in real time with Exoprise synthetics.

How to Monitor SharePoint Online

How to Monitor Microsoft SharePoint Online

Watch this video to see how to get started monitoring Microsoft 365 by setting up a first Private Site and SharePoint Online sensor.

How to Optimize SaaS Networking and Apps

Optimize SaaS Networking and Apps Today

See how Exoprise helps you optimize your Software-as-a-Service Apps and their networks today

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