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Cloud Health Report and Exoprise News Letter

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How to Monitor Microsoft 365 Teams Audio Video Performance

Watch this video to see how easy it is to get started monitoring Microsoft Teams Audio Video performance in real time with Exoprise synthetics.

How to Monitor Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online

Watch this video to see how to get started monitoring Microsoft 365 by setting up a first Private Site and SharePoint Online sensor.

Optimize SaaS Networking and Apps Today

See how Exoprise helps you optimize your Software-as-a-Service Apps and their networks today

Exoprise CloudReady Overview

Overview video for Microsoft Ignite

Office 365 Service Health Dashboard Integration

Connecting your CloudReady account directly with Office 365 via Microsoft’s Service Communications API is easy and enables you to get a three dimensional view of the health and performance of your Office 365 service in one convenient place.

Detailed Transaction Timings

Dig into the Detailed Transaction Timings feature and give an example of how to use it to identify the “smoking gun” causing poor SharePoint login performance.

Dashboard Display Configuration

As you add more sites and sensors to your CloudReady environment you may want to adjust your dashboard display settings to make it easier for you to focus on specific sites or sensors. This video demonstrates a few tweaks you can make to the dashboard…

Alarm Configuration Part 1

To get the most out of CloudReady, it's important that your alarms are correctly configured. This video discusses the basics of alarm creation and configuration.

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