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Service Watch Desktop

Service Watch Desktop monitors every critical aspect of the employee digital experience to ensure success and satisfaction with networked business apps.

Transforming Hybrid Work with Service Watch Desktop

Hybrid work is the new normal with reliance on Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS), secure access, and networking to ensure productivity with cloud and SaaS apps.

When employees experience network or device problems, business suffers. This is why you need Network Digital Experience Monitoring, we call it Network DEM.

Service Watch Desktop monitors every critical aspect of the employee digital experience to ensure success and satisfaction with networked business apps. Service Watch is a born-in-the-cloud DEM/DEX solution with quick ROI, unparalleled features, and infinite scaling.

Service Watch Desktop Solutions

App, Device, Network Scores

High-Level Scores, Low-Level Capture

In-depth insight into network, system, and app utilization

Diagnose Hybrid Work Apps and Networking

Diagnose Hybrid Work Apps and Networking

Troubleshoot employee issues no matter where they roam

Network, App Intelligence You Can See

Network and App Intelligence You Can See

Rich visualizations for Wi-Fi, ISPs, SASE, WAN/LAN, VPN and more

Service Watch Desktop Deploys in a Snap

Deploy in seconds via email invite or integrate with corporate ESD solutions

Simple Steps to Create an Endpoint Configuration

step 1
Create Configurations

Create different configurations for cost centers, diagnose, and apps

step 2
Choose Installation Type

Install as a service, app, or customized install type

step 3
Choose Apps & URLs

Choose domains, URLs, and apps to monitor or troubleshoot

step 4
Save with Instructions

Installations are packaged or users can be invited to a branded portal

step 5
Quick Download

Trial, support, or deploy to download and diagnose any issue

Service Watch Desktop Features for Endpoint Monitoring

Core features and data analytics to accelerate understanding for the entire IT team

Important System Resources, Real-Time Insight for Every Endpoint

Service Watch Desktop captures 1000s of metrics every second for long-term trending, real-time alarms, and root cause analysis. Easily group, and refine device and application scoring by asset, CMDB values, Organizational Unit, user, and more with Device Groups.

Resource Scores for Benchmarking, Discovery and Prioritization

Important system and experience metrics are rolled up, aggregated, and crowdsourced to help analysts make sense of the data and get to the root cause quickly.

  • Quickly detect issues across thousands of devices and users
  • Customize thresholds for Good, Fair, & Poor experiences
  • Roll up data from Wi-Fi signal strength, to process queues and OS paging. See how low-level metrics impact end-user productivity.
  • In-depth detail for long term trending and just in time diagnosis
Resource Scores for Benchmarking, Discovery and Prioritization
OS Machine Reliability, Stability, Indexing

OS Machine Reliability & Stability, Experience Indexes

Service Watch Desktop records reliability data across endpoint devices for trending and prioritization.

  • Know which applications cause grief and prioritize fixes
  • Correlate system updates and problems across your environment
  • Crowdsourced app and OS reliability scores
  • Faults, Crashes, Hangs, Updates and Blue-screens collected for slicing and dicing
  • Full support for Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints

Network Visibility from App to ISP, the Internet and Provider

Network response time, latency, jitter, packet loss, and connectivity issues are common of complaints of employees and IT help desks.

Only Service Watch captures response time and packet loss metrics from thick client apps like Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, Zoom, WebEx, and Slack for network application monitoring. Improve the desktop experience (DX) for every employee.

Diagnose SaaS Apps From Browsers & Desktop Apps

Diagnose SaaS App Performance from Browsers and Client Apps

Browsers have become the most important (& complicated) app for knowledge workers in every enterprise. We reserve a special place for Web Experience Scores and how they weigh into the overall experience metrics for a user within the Exoprise platform.

Monitor Endpoint Application Impact, Every App

Service Watch Desktop doesn’t just record simple perfmon stats. Metrics are captured when the user is active, so critical signals rise to the top for evaluation.

  • Records 1000s of app, service, and network metrics every second
  • Detect leaks, runaway apps, hangs, faults, crashes and more across core and every day applications
  • Captures to just before the user is active — and just after to identify the culprit
  • Sifts, sorts, and filters the most important applications to track and highlight the real problems

Give it a try across 25 desktops for free

Diagnose end-user, application, and network issues without complicated deployments

RUM + Robots: Lightweight Synthetics From Any User Device

Service Watch supports running lightweight synthetics from every user device. Detect problems before they impact the user and business. If you’re just passively capturing DEX metrics, then you’re waiting for a user to be impacted before you know about an issue.

  • On-demand diagnosis of the user or network infrastructure issues
  • Proactive VPN performance from user devices; at home or on the road
  • Triangulating and troubleshooting ISP and Internet performance from at-home user machines
RUM + Robots from Any Device
Device Groups for Custom Data Analysis

Group Stats Together Based on Any Attribute with Service Watch Device Groups

Device Groups enable infinite grouping of app, system, and network metrics for trending and diagnosis. Group by manufacture, app usage, ISP location (Comcast, Verizon) and more to reveal and solve any big data problem.

  • Analyze data to diagnose system, app, and network issues
  • Easy-to-use benchmarking to optimize refreshes and track change effects
  • Compare groups of devices by cost center, branch, network, ISP, and more

Visualize Latency, Jitter, Packet Loss With The App Network Dashboard

Application network dashboards detail TCP/IP and UDP latency for every network device to compare ISP’s, applications, and devices.

  • Compare internal network performance
  • Real-time insight into network and ISP performance affecting enterprise employees
  • Visualize network performance for Teams, Zoom, WebEx and more
ISP Network Performance Compared

Privacy Personified for Endpoint Users

Service Watch includes capabilities to restrict access to any personal data that might be captured. Configure who can access data on a role-by-role basis to satisfy compliance and regulatory requirements.

Correlate RUM Data With Synthetic Transaction Monitoring

Real User Monitoring is great for diagnosing specific user or network issues, but doesn’t notify you before a user is affected. RUM doesn’t help with outage prediction or help you in advance of a problem.

Deploy CloudReady synthetics along with Service Watch Desktop to capture the complete picture. Know in advance of a problem — know before a business unit is impacted.

One Platform Icon

Endpoint Monitoring Plus Synthetics In One Platform

Monitor SharePoint, Teams, Salesforce, any SaaS, web, or desktop app. Know, in advance, with complete coverage for every user. Fix desktop issues and troubleshoot network problems with complete visibility.

Pinpoint Icon

Pinpoint Root Causes

Desktop monitoring pinpoints the issue 24/7, for each network condition, each user environment with Exoprise endpoint monitoring software. Improve digital experience score after fixing and troubleshooting desktop issues.

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