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Monitor Your Apps, Compare Your Performance

  • Get started in just 5 minutes
  • No appliances or servers to deploy
  • No scripting required

Digital Experience Monitoring for Mission-Critical Apps

Optimize for the best Office 365 Experience Across Your Network


Service Delivery Chain
Service Delivery Chain for SaaS Apps


Real-time Dashboards for Digital Experience Management

  • Continuous synthetic monitoring and real-time alerts – ensure that you know about problems before your users do.
  • Crowd-sourced data analytics – compare performance against other users to pinpoint problems and speed resolution.
  • Detailed network path and service performance diagnostics – address problems anywhere along the service delivery chain.
  • Monitor cloud apps and services from inside your network as well as from Exoprise public cloud locations.

Simple Monthly and Annual Plans

$100 / credit / month

  • Most applications need a single credit
  • Service Watch Browser is 50 users / credit
  • Service Watch Desktop is 25 devices / credit
  • Volume and bundle discounts available

Common Questions

How does the 15-day free trial work?

The trial clock starts only AFTER you deploy your first sensor. Sign up and take a peek around, no credit card required. The trial doesn’t start until you’re ready and, once you decide to jump in, deploying a site and your first sensor takes a couple of minutes.

Can I pay for the service online?

Absolutely. If you don’t wish to speak to anyone, you can subscribe directly from within the service. Just choose how you want to pay (annually or monthly) and the quantity of sensors. Pricing starts at $100/sensor credit on cancel-any-time plans.

Are there volume and term discounts available?

Yes. If you need more than 25 or are interested in a subscription longer than one year, request a custom quote for special pricing and ongoing promotions.

How many sensors can I use with the free trial?

You can deploy up to 3 sensors in up to 3 different locations. You get full access to all the application monitoring and end-to-end network diagnostics and the full power of the crowd-sourced data analytics. That will give you an idea of what complete visibility into the health of your mission-critical cloud services looks like.

What is a Sensor?

A sensor monitors 1 or more applications from one site. CloudReady offers more than 30 different sensor types and more under development all the time. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask us about it.

What is an Exoprise Credit?

The number of credits you consume determines the cost. Exoprise credits have a list price of $100/month, with discounts for pre-paid annual plans and volume purchases.  Most synthetic sensors are 1 credit while some network sensors are only a 1/2 credit.  Advanced multi-party A/V conferencing sensors for Microsoft Teams cost more than a single credit.

What is a Site?

Exoprise securely collects statistics from sensors installed behind your firewall on what are called private sites. Private sites are supported on any Windows OS. Read more about our easy setup.

Public sites are managed by Exoprise at various locations throughout the world and are great for comparing against internal LAN/WAN conditions. Public sites are also important for emulating users outside the corporate LAN/MPLS/WAN. Read more about public and private sites.

Is Exoprise Secure?

From the beginning, Exoprise designed our platform to be easy to use AND extremely secure. All communications are HMAC encoded over SSL/TLS using a private key(s) that is locked to the installation. All configurations are encrypted with site specific public-private key pairs. All components are dual-signed Authenticode and PKI. Exoprise operations are maintained at the highest standard to ensure the integrity and security of our customers data.

What support options are available?

Technical workshops, training, and enterprise features are available with an annual purchase of 25 credits or more. You can request a custom quote for Enterprise Support by contacting sales.

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