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Exoprise Features and Benefits

Proactive Problem Detection, DEM Coverage For Every App, Every Network
Born In the Cloud —Infinitely Scalable

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synthetic monitoring icon

Code-Free Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM) emulates real users accessing cloud services like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Azure Virtual Desktop, or any SaaS / Web app.

  • No complex scripting
  • Web, client, and API response times
  • Identify poor performing ISPs
Real-user Monitoring Icon

Real-User Monitoring for Every Network App

Exoprise Service Watch is SaaS, Web, & network monitoring from the end-user’s perspective. Securely capture the employee digital experience everywhere.

  • Just the domains and apps you want to see
  • Correlate  (RUM) with Synthetics
  • Ideal for Single-Page Apps, UCaaS, and remote users
Secure deployment icon

Secure Cloud Deployment

Exoprise solutions were born in the cloud for fast, flexible, and secure deployment to any location or hybrid workforce.

  • Minimal agent requirements, zero impact
  • Self-healing, self-monitoring, and self-updating
  • Package with any deployment solution
SaaS Monitoring Icon

Monitoring for Every SaaS, Web App

More than 50+ sensor types for monitoring any SaaS or Web App from any perspective. 

  • Monitor ALL of Microsoft Office 365
  • Not just simple pings, deep testing of apps and infrastructure
  • High-level actions, low-level metrics for proactive alerts

Proactive Visibility to Know Instantly

Know Instantly, Even Before the Cloud Does

The most important notifications are automatically configured as you deploy.

  • Each sensor and site condition is observed before automatically configuring alarms
  • Get notifications through email, webhooks, web sockets, built-in SMS messages and more
  • One-click alarm tuning and threshold adjustment
Instant outage detection graphic

It’s Not You — It’s Them

Crowdsourced network and service provider performance data helps you figure out the source of the problem in real-time. Instantaneous network benchmarks for any service and protocol.

  • With shared Internet and multi-tenant services, you can find out if the problem is local to your environment or if other users are experiencing the problem too
  • Reduce the mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) when a problem occurs
  • Crowd-sourced data eliminates finger pointing
  • Share snapshots, invite the other team members to help diagnose


Crowdsourced outage comparison graphic

360° View of Business-critical Cloud & SaaS

Integrated real-time views that combine synthetic monitoring statistics with provider status and trust views from every location.

360° View Graphics

Monitor & Test Email Message Queues

Test email message flow end-to-end. Benchmark your providers and be proactively notified about email outages.

  • Test all the Exchange protocols
  • See inbound queue times, outbound and transport timings through and to your SPAM providers
  • Read more about Exchange Message Queue Monitoring
monitor and test mail flow graphic

Monitor TLS for Validation, Expiration & Spoofing

Transport Layer Security (SSL) and TLS certificates are critical to SaaS and Cloud. New rules require constant change and lead to outages.

  • Be warned of certificate expiration, changes, cipher updates and potential man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Get alarms for SSL / TLS certificate expiration


monitor ssl and tls

Diagnose Real Problems with Network DEM

Network Intelligence for Everyone

Network administrators have their tools, but what about tools for application owners? With Exoprise, desktop architects get visibility into the digital experience to optimize productivity and save money.

  • Continuous monitoring of cloud and app services
  • Rapidly diagnose app, network, and UC issues no mater where employees work from
  • Customizable dashboards for App Owners, Service Desk, the CIO and more
Network Monitoring Outage graphic

Long Term Trending and SLA Scorecard Reports

We solve three key problems: real-time troubleshooting, root-cause, and long-term trending. Use availability and outage data to see the long-term health of SaaS services with end-to-end coverage across the network.

  • Assess incident type, frequency and duration and how it impacts end-user productivity
  • Measure uptime, downtime and Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) across your cloud services
  • Build your own availability dashboards by location, by service, or by application
  • Check Service-Level Agreements (SLA) for your cloud services, recover costs when cloud providers violate their uptime guarantees.
Service-Level Agreement report graphic

Crowdsourced Benchmarks

We anonymously crowdsource every metric across our product lines for benchmarking application and network performance. Quickly determine if your problems are local, ISP-based, or in app provider networks.

  • Avoid time wasted in support queues and triage with the wrong vendor.
  • Network benchmarks: compare your statistics to the aggregate crowd
  • Compare latency, jitter, packet loss, uptime, even tenant (SharePoint, Teams, Exchange) performance within Microsoft’s datacenters
Network Monitoring Exchange Online Outage graphic

Real-time Internet Path Visibility

See current and past traces, hop by hop, in real-time for every user through their ISP, backbone, peering and data-center locations. See exactly whether problems are in the LAN/WAN, SDWAN, ISP, Internet or service provider’s data center.

  • Continuously stores Network Path Performance history
  • Refine by region, by protocol, port, host, network speed and more
  • Leverages both ICMP, TCP/IP, and UDP for network visibility
Real-time Internet Outage graphic

Headquarters, Branch Office, Out On the Road—Get Covered

Exoprise solutions are rapidly deployed and moved anywhere, with minimal resource requirements, self-healing, and rich controls.

  • Public cloud capabilities provide inside-out and outside-in views of apps and services
  • Configure, download, package and deploy
  • Or invite and get started quickly


Network Monitoring Outage graphic

Integrate Digital Experience Monitoring

Drag+Drop Dashboards for Every Team

Automatic dashboard configuration and also easy to tweak, share and customize. Re-order widgets, build site-by-site dashboards to focus in on particular problems.

  • Beautiful, simple drag-n-drop interface
  • Initial dashboards are automatically configured and updated as your deployment expands
  • Focus site-by-site, by application or for each persona within your organization
Customizable Dashboards graphic

Plays Nicely With Existing Investments

We bet you have operations and monitoring tools. That’s why we made it easy to integrate our products into your existing systems to ensure a superior Return-on-Investment (ROI).

  • Configure dashboards to be embeddable within other products
  • Share your dashboards with other teams, other support services
  • Publish data into existing systems like Splunk, System Center, or Operations Management Suite
Investments, ROI graphic

Integrates With Any SAML Identity Provider

Secure and painless user management is critical to enterprise SaaS adoption. Exoprise services flexibly support multiple SAML configurations per tenant, in addition to automated end-user provisioning with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

  • Multiple SAML Configurations
  • Role-based automated provisioning
  • SAML integrated invitations, only invite who you want to, managed or federated


SAML Identity Provider Integration

Integrated Cloud & SaaS Status Feeds

Exoprise integrates service provider and status (trust) feeds into its service so that you can see any updates when the provider supplies them, alongside real-user monitoring and SaaS synthetics.

  • Integrated Microsoft Office 365 Service Status & Service Messages
  • Integrate Twitter feeds, see all dimensions in one place, a complete 360-degree view
  • Email subscriptions to service health messages and notifications


Cloud, SaaS monitoring graphic

Automate Deployments

Exoprise solutions can be automated through PowerShell and other languages. For a permanent deployment, network assessment or Office 365 network load testing scenario, you can spin-up, edit, and tear down installations through simple PowerShell scripts.

  • Retrieve, synchronize, and update your installation in any language that supports RESTful services
  • Rapidly and reliably deploy monitoring for end-to-end network tests and load-testing
  • Edit and update alarm configuration, DevOps integration and other parameters


Automate Deployment graphic

DEM Solutions for All the IT Teams

Role-based Administration and Control Icon

Win One for the Team

Role-Based Administration and Control (RBAC) is critical to most organizations. That’s why we’ve incorporated flexible team capabilities.

  • Build teams and invite coworkers
  • Share sites, sensors, alarms and control their access
  • Invite external guests on an as-needed basis
  • Find out more in our Knowledge Base
Hybrid Tools Integration Icon

Hybrid Integration

Real-time distribution of data to existing tools behind the firewall such as Splunk, Microsoft System Center and more.

Data Export Icon

Big Data Export

Flexible data export capability for use with solutions like Microsoft’s Power BI, Tableau, Excel, and other data lakes.

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