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RemoteApp, Remote Desktop & VDI Performance Monitoring

Remote Desktops Services (RDS), Citrix Xenapp, VMware Horizon and other Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technologies can be great for centralizing and securing application delivery but they can be slow and aggravate end-users too.

50% of VDI implementations fail due to poor end-user experience or cost overruns due to a lack of capacity management.

As organizations leverage more remote application delivery they must be responsible for the performance and end-user experience – care must be taken to ensure up-time and responsiveness.  Measuring traditional performance metrics at the server can be OK but to ensure fast VDI and RDS environments, architects must measure Remote Desktop Protocol session performance end-to-end.

Login to Launch Time+
Sample RDP Metrics

NEW: CloudReady RDP Monitoring Now Supports RemoteApp

Exoprise recently added support for RemoteApp testing. Launch any published application, recognize when the app is fully available and benchmark its performance. Just a few clicks to setup.

Read more about the new support for RemoteApp in addtion to our full Remote Desktop testing


Monitor, Load & Stress Test Your VDI / RDS Performance With CloudReady

Exoprise CloudReady® gives you the insight you need to monitor and manage availability for your RDS, XenApp, Horizon or other VDI environments.

  • Know about outages, latency, and slow application launch times BEFORE your end-users have a problem
  • Monitor end-to-end application response within a virtualized remote environment like RDS
  • Easily deploy CloudReady sensors to emulate many users and application workloads for capacity planning
  • Stress test your RDS, VDI environments prior to deployment — validate and predict performance before, during and after VDI and Remote Desktop Services installations

Read more about how to set up CloudReady for RDP Monitoring

Reduce Time Spent On Troubleshooting

Proactive Monitoring

Know about problems before your users do. Perfmon counters are OK for the servers but you need to be notified of end-to-end problems before they affect your end-users.

Real-Time Alerts & Workflow

Get notified of errors, slow downs and emergencies in real-time with the automatically configured and calibrated alarms as you deploy.

Inside-Out, Outside In

Monitor from inside your firewall or outside on one of our Public Sites. All from easy wizard-driven interfaces.

Slow Remote Desktops? Lousy Launch Times?

With the Exoprise CloudReady RDS/RDP monitoring solutions you can identify the conditions that lead to slow desktops and poor application response. Typically its the result of a insufficient network and/or capacity planning so you must continuously measure and correlate network changes with end-to-end VDI response.

Synthetic VDI/RDS Sessions For Planning & Outage Detection

When you make changes you need to have a consistent repeatable workload to test whether or not the changes you make – server, client, or network – have improved the situation or made it worse. The best way to do this is to have a consistent repeatable “workload” for your remote services. The Exoprise CloudReady RDP sensor makes it quick and easy to deploy a repeatable synthetic remote session with application launch. No scripting required, no complicated controllers to install.

  • Identify insufficient server or network capacity that can lead to slow desktops or server contention
  • Detect slow logon performance before your users do by continuously monitoring Remote Desktop sessions end-to-end.
  • Get proactive notifications of slow application launch times which could be due to the insufficent resources or network capacity.
  • Detect poor remote session response which is usually caused by high network latency, lack of bandwidth or non-optimized virtual desktop or server settings
  • Long term analysis of Login Duration, Connect Time, RDP Connection Quality and Login-to-launch times is readily available for service-level assurance reporting and measurements
Login to Launch Times+
Login to Launch Times

CloudReady RDP Monitoring is more than a single-use point-in-time testing or load simulation tool. CloudReady covers the full range of monitoring capabilities across SaaS services, API Toolkits, Remote Desktops and more.

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SLAs, Change Management, Trends and Integrations

VDI Benchmarks

Compare your Remote Desktop environment performance to other environments. Anonymously. See how your VDI performance stacks up.

Long Term Analytics

Whether its for tuning capacity or troubleshooting a recent change, establishing baselines for your VDI/RDS performance is critical. No servers to setup, no databases to maintain.

Integrates With Existing Systems

Get started in minutes and integrates with your existing systems management solutions like Microsoft Systems Center, Operations Manager, Splunk and more. Automate deployments with our PowerShell API.

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