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Digital Experience Monitoring With Exoprise

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) is a practice within Application Performance Monitoring (APM) that focuses on optimizing the business-critical performance of end-user facing applications and services. Key capabilities within Digital Experience Monitoring include measuring the end-user experience across all of the different application channels and monitoring them for problems, slowness, and poor user experience. The employee-centric performance analysis discipline quickly isolates SaaS and Desktop service issues to boost business outcomes.

Information Technology teams must prioritize the performance and reliability of distributed systems across on-premise, first-party, and third-party SaaS/cloud environments. Exoprise is a leader in enabling DEM practitioners to find and fix problems fast, provide recommendations on how to fix poor digital experiences, and monitor long-term trends for optimization.

Comprehensive Digital Insights Delivered Instantly

RUM + Synthetics in One Platform

Real User and Synthetic Monitoring in one beautiful SaaS platform for real-time actionable data in minutes.

No Scripting Required
Any App

No script writing required to monitor SaaS / Web Applications from any location.

Complete Coverage for ALL of Microsoft 365

Full coverage for all the apps and services. Optimize the end-user experience with the entire Microsoft 365.

Key Drivers for Digital Experience Monitoring

Slow is the new down when it comes to delivering SaaS and cloud applications in a mission-critical business environment. Proactively optimizing the digital experience of end-user applications is a necessity but not easy to achieve. Key drivers for IT teams establishing Digital Experience Monitoring practices include:

Efficient Root Cause Analysis

Complex end-user service dependencies require end-to-end visibility

Proactive Network Intelligence

The shift to the cloud demands end-to-end network visibility

Automated 360° View

Know what’s happening on both sides of the cloud with integrated service provider feeds

By 2025, 70% of digital business initiatives will require I&O leaders to report on the business metrics of digital experience, up from less than 15% today. – Gartner Market Guide for Digital Experience Monitoring

Watch this Webinar with Exoprise Founder and CEO, Jason Lieblich, featuring guest speaker Forrester Senior Analyst, Andrew Hewitt

[WEBINAR]: Ensure Superior Digital Experience Monitoring with Synthetics + RUM

With technology now the daily lifeline between employees, companies, and customers the need to use both synthetic and Real User Monitoring (RUM) for the complete digital employee experience picture has become mission-critical.

Proactive notifications and baseline benchmarks require synthetic monitoring of SaaS/Network/ISP services. Always-on, everywhere coverage with easily deployed RUM has become a necessity to ensure uptime and cloud service success. Using a digital experience monitoring tool, get actionable user experience insights for a hybrid workplace and transform employee productivity.

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring + Real-User Monitoring

Digital Experience Monitoring requires Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM) and Real-User Monitoring (RUM) for full coverage of end-user applications and services. We call it Better Together! Exoprise CloudReady supports any Saas/Web application without the need for complex script writing that is difficult to maintain.

Know Early, Be Proactive

With Synthetic Transaction Monitoring IT administrators know about poorly performing digital experiences before they impact the business.

Monitor ALL of Microsoft 365

3rd Party Apps + Services

3rd Party applications and services like Office 365, GSuite and Slack are becoming core to the business and can’t be instrumented with legacy APM tools.

Benchmark User Experiences

STM provides baselining and benchmarking of user experiences without having to wait for users to exercise an application.

End User Experience Monitoring

Digital Experience Monitoring is synonymous with End-user Experience Monitoring (EUEM). Quantify user experience of applications and networks – an often difficult task and can involve multiple products from different vendors.

Exoprise Provides Real-User Monitoring and SaaS Synthetic Monitoring In One Platform

Browser real-user monitoring and endpoint monitoring for SaaS, Cloud, and Desktop apps.

Script free monitoring for any SaaS / web application, deploys anywhere

Office 365 Is The Foundation of Most Digital Experiences Today

The growth in adoption of Microsoft Office 365 means most IT teams need to evaluate the user experience of the Office 365 application suite and service. And this includes integration with all of the services IT is responsible for:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Client Access Security Broker (CASB)
  • Proxies and Access Gateways
  • SD-WAN, MPLS, and Legacy VPNs
  • File Stores and Storage Area Networks
  • Cloud and LAN-based Backup

digital experience monitoring and coverage for ALL of Office 365

Office 365 Adoption

Tracking the growth and utilization of Office 365 is critical to managing the digital experience for most organizations supporting remote work. Optimizing performance, network capacity planning, or license utilization requires a comprehensive APM solution.

Troubleshoot Office 365 Outages

CloudReady provides unique, crowd-sourced response time measurements for all of the Office 365 apps. Synthetic transaction measurements enable proactive notifications of slow-downs or Office 365 outages before end-user experience is impacted. Real-user Monitoring provides one-click installation for 24/7 coverage for remote and mobile users. Work from home or anywhere!


Track Cloud Service Level Violations

Hold cloud vendors accountable by capturing and recording ISP, network and provider outages wherever the apps are running. Elevate problems with the operations and help-desk teams through built-in integrations with online services like ServiceNow, Splunk, PagerDuty and more.

Crowd-Powered Performance Benchmarks

What’s digital experience management without a way to make sense of the metrics? Monitoring tools like Exoprise provides instant benchmarks even during free trials. Read more about our crowd-powered analytics and the different ways to benefit from them.

Benefits of Digital Experience Monitoring

Speed Time to Resolution

Reducing MTTR is essential for mission-critical businesses. Digital Experience Monitoring with CloudReady leverages crowd-sourcing to reduce MTTR through crowd-sourced comparisons enabling IT/Network administrators to quickly identify root causes. DEM solutions can cut troubleshooting time by half and channel operational experience in your enterprise with the right performance metrics.

Improve End-User Device and Application Performance

Its not complicated, monitoring the end-user’s experience with Service Watch (RUM) improves application and device performance when optimizing the desktop for knowledge remote workers. CloudReady Synthetics reduce false positives by process of elimination with respect to the network and service providers. In addition, reduce digital pain points by optimizing web and desktop digital experience scores.

Reduce Help Desk Calls and Support Tickets

End-user experience monitoring reduces support calls and trouble ticket volumes across your help desk, ops, and network teams. The CloudReady platform can be integrated into any incident management.

Increase Productivity

The quality of the user experience matters greatly when it comes to workforce productivity and employee engagement. Work from anywhere is trending these days. If tools and apps are slow, then end-users aren’t productive and business will suffer. A recent study suggests employees with better overall digital experiences are 22% more engaged at work and 4X more likely to stay at their jobs.

Ensure Providers Are SLA Accountable

Automatically capture SLA outage and performance data for an objective measure of performance, outages, and overall availability across networks, ISPs, and providers. Recover service credits when SLAs are breached and there are performance issues.

Capacity Planning and IT Change Validation

Network benchmarks and baselines provide before and after snapshots for identifying the successful deployment of network and software changes. Waiting for users to report incidents is no way to manage change within an IT organization. Use CloudReady for validating changes before, during, and after change management.

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