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Digital Experience Monitoring And RUM Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Experience Monitoring FAQs

The Exoprise Marketing team sat down with Exoprise CEO Jason Lieblich and Forrester Senior Analyst Andrew Hewitt, to understand the scope of end-user experience management (EUEM) and Service Watch Real User Monitoring (RUM) capabilities for a remote workforce.

Rise Of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM FTW)

Growth of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM FTW)

What is Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)? Application Performance Management (APM) measures how a SaaS or Web application performs on the backend (for Devops). End-User Experience Management (EUEM) focuses on user behavior within those applications. Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD)…

Troubleshooting Office 365 Issues Made Simple

Do you often ask yourself the question -  Is there an Office 365 problem today? or how to troubleshoot Office 365? While you try to find the answer, your customers (end-users) complain because they can't access their business applications. Apart…

End-user Experience Is Where IT Comes Together

6 Use Cases for Digital Experience Monitoring

Introduction If you live and breathe in the technology industry, chances are you are hearing Digital Experience a lot these days. A remote-first culture is brewing in every company. You need to ensure that employees stay productive with applications such as…

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