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Microsoft 365 Reporting & Analytics

  • Usage, activity, & audit reports for your entire Office 365 deployment
  • Manage & monitor Microsoft 365 operations in one place

Reporting & Analytics for Microsoft Office 365

While Office 365 does offer built-in reporting, there is no way to get a comprehensive delegated view of Office 365 usage and activity alongside end-to-end monitoring and SLA measurements. With Exoprise’s integrated Office 365 reporting, you can easily:

  • Correlate Microsoft 365 usage & activity with performance, uptime and availability
  • Build operational dashboards for SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and all the Microsoft 365 workloads
  • One-click authorization to collect and disseminate Microsoft 365 usage & activity data
  • Leverage the Exoprise Role-based Administration and Control (RBAC) for controlling access to views
  • Easy customization of 100’s of reports

Easy Setup

One-click Authorization

Custom Dashboards

Build operational, per-app views

Correlate Usage

Correlate usage & activity with SLA performance

Office 365 Usage Correlated with SLA Performance & Availability
Office 365 Usage Correlated with Performance & Availability

Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics

Complete coverage for the Office 365 applications provides insight into how the applications are used, consumed and adopted within your Organization.

  • Non-administrative Delegation
    Once you enable reporting for Office 365, leverage the Role-based Administration and Control (RBAC) within Exoprise for your entire operations staff. They get a complete 360-degree, read-only view into your Office 365 operations, and it doesn’t require giving out administrative access.
  • Easy, Fast Setup
    Exoprise leverages discrete OAuth authorizations for different data-sets within Office 365. You have complete control over what type of data to retrieve and whom to present it to.  Office 365 reporting, usage, activity and audit is a few clicks away.
  • No Maintenance
    Exoprise leverages open APIs to pull Office 365 data in real-time and historically — the same APIs that are available to customers. With Exoprise, there are no databases to maintain or queries to upgrade as Microsoft adds additional features. And the data is always available for export.
  • One Tool to Rule Them All For Monitoring & Reporting
    Exoprise offers the most comprehensive active monitoring for ALL of Office 365 as well support for the rest of your mission-critical SaaS and custom web applications. Now, with built-in reporting, you have one tool and one place to go for comprehensive visibility and insight.
  • Real-time Microsoft 365 Status
    Exoprise integrates the per-tenant Office 365 status and incident messages into its dashboards and consoles. Build operational dashboards around SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, OneDrive and more.
  • Drag & Drop Reporting
    Exoprise supplies 100’s of reports out of the box, and the dashboards are customizable via roles. Build dashboards for the teams within your organization.
  • Optimize Office 365 Utilization & Licensing
    Save money by ensuring that you are optimizing your usage of purchased Office 365 licenses with activity and usage monitoring. Recover expenses when SLA thresholds are violated.

Integrated End-to-End Monitoring, Usage, Reporting

With the power of Exoprise for end-to-end network and cloud monitoring, you have one place to go for a complete real-time service and support view into how your Office 365 deployment is performing and being utilized.

Office 365 Operations View
Office 365 Integrated Activity & Performance View

One Place for a 360-degree View

Whether you have application-specific Office 365 administrators, like for SharePoint, Exchange, or Microsoft Teams, you can build a custom dashboard in one place for a complete view of:

  • Activity
  • Service Health
  • End-to-end Network Performance
  • Availability and uptime

Add the authorization to enable Exoprise to read your Office 365 Service Health and Incident Messages. Filter and customize the views by application and build a complete operational view of any app, any workload.

Microsoft Office 365 Reporting

Here’s a list of reports that are available within the Exoprise platform.

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