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Because the Digital Experience Is Where IT Comes Together

Start Quickly, Deploy Everywhere

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Configure • Invite • Install

Instant Network Visibility

  • Customize SaaS, UC apps to monitor
  • Advanced anonymization features
  • Invite users or package & deploy
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Diagnose In Minutes

Solve Real Problems for the Business

  • Hop-by-hop network diagnostics
  • App & system capture, see it all
  • Continuous proactive capture
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Support Where It's Needed

Solutions For the Way We Now Work

  • Extreme security from the cloud
  • Diagnose hybrid just like it was HQ
  • Infinitely scalable, flexible pricing
Service Watch Browser Illustration

Service Watch Browser

  • Detect network and application problems for each user
  • Lightweight, non-intrusive browser add-on
  • Easy installation, no admin rights required
Service Watch Desktop Illustration

Service Watch Desktop

  • Isolate employee client, network, or server problems
  • Diagnose poor Wi-Fi, ISP, or LAN/WAN networking
  • Capture desktop errors, crashes, and reliability metrics

Digital Experience Monitoring Use Cases

Complete Experience Visibility

No solution provides more end-to-end visibility into SaaS, networking, and app performance than Exoprise. Don’t believe us? Try it now.

Proactive Diagnostics

Exoprise combines proactive synthetic monitoring with Digital Experience RUM. That’s SaaS and endpoint monitoring in one platform.

Optimize Device Refresh

Desktops, laptops, network, or apps — IT needs to know when productivity suffers due to older assets

Work Anywhere Troubleshooting

Diagnose apps, devices, Wi-Fi, and home networking issues, no matter where remote employees get work done


Network Upgrades

Contemplating network changes? Capture before and after effects on employee digital experience to know what’s working and what isn’t.

Cloud App Migrations

Ensure smooth transitions to new systems, new applications and new clouds with end user visibility


Complete Digital Experience Visibility with SaaS and Endpoint Monitoring

Visibility for Every SaaS and Thick Client Network App

Visibility Into Apps You Don't Control

Lack of visibility into SaaS and cloud performance can hinder the end-user experience and the ability for IT to troubleshoot when things go wrong. Take back control for always-on, proactive visibility AND complete coverage for every user.

  • Browser-based performance monitoring controlled by domain for security and privacy
  • Integrated endpoint, Wi-Fi, and network metrics to determine root cause
Cloud-based Scalability For Every Endpoint Monitoring

Scalable Cloud-based Endpoint and SaaS Monitoring

Exoprise solutions were born in the cloud, with security and scalability designed from the start. Service Watch supports tens of thousands of users, apps, and endpoints with 100% end-to-end encryption.

Wi-Fi Monitoring and Visibility for Every Location

Wi-Fi Network Status, Visibility, & Performance

Diagnose, triangulate, and correct end-user Wi-Fi and home networks no matter where the employee roams. Hybrid work is the new normal and this means supporting productive employees whether they work from HQ, branch, or home.

Real-User Monitoring Combined with Synthetics

Better Together: Real User Monitoring + Synthetics In One Cohesive Platform

Proactive monitoring with synthetics and SaaS and endpoint monitoring in one scalable, easy to manage platform. Exoprise gives you what you need to ensure productivity and IT delivery for employees, no matter where they work from:

Download the Better Together White paper

Complete Coverage For Microsoft 365

Complete Coverage for the Most Popular Apps — Microsoft 365

Only Exoprise supports Monitoring ALL of Microsoft 365 and now, with Service Watch Desktop, includes full support for the Microsoft client applications. Get complete digital experience, SaaS and endpoint monitoring.

  • Monitor network response times for Outlook, OneDrive, Teams in real-time
  • Capture Network Path Performance Telemetry to the Microsoft Office Front Doors…and beyond
  • Capture browser-based telemetry for SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Teams
High Level Scores, Low-level Recorded Metrics

High-Level Scoring, Low-Level Metrics for Diagnosis

Service Watch provides the best of both worlds; high-level Experience Scoring such a Web Experience Scores (WXS) and Desktop Experience Scores (DXS) alongside low-level metrics for diagnosing problems.

  • Continuous, end-to-end network capture across third-party and home grown applications
  • Resource and attribute Experience Scores provide for optimal analysis and custom dashboards
Easy deployment illustration

Easy deployment, rapid rollouts

Service Watch offers numerous deployment methods and integrations; from co-branded invites and on-demand installations to pre-configured installers delivered through Active Directory and Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager.

  • Service Watch Browser securely deploys via the built-in Browser Extension Stores like the Chrome Web Store or the Microsoft Edge Add-on Store
  • Service Watch Desktop can be deployed on-demand for troubleshooting an end-user problem or packaged for deployment to every endpoint


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Service Watch Browser and Service Watch Desktop

DEM Platform Datasheet

Read this datasheet for an overview of the Exoprise platform, our unique combination of synthetics and real-user monitoring.

Common Questions About Service Watch SaaS and Endpoint Monitoring

Getting Started, Trial, and Pricing

Service Watch Browser for 50 users costs a single credit per month with no servers to install, no databases to configure. Service Watch Desktop is a single credit per month for 25 users. Each credit has a list price of $100 with discounts available (talk to us). Credits are flexible and can be used for synthetics or real-user monitoring.

Sign up at to get started. No credit card is required, you get 3 credits and 15 days. The trial doesn’t start until you successfully deploy something, so go check it out now and start when you’re ready.

Yes, we offer discount programs and annual invoiced purchase plans.

Networking, Firewalls, & Proxies

No way. There are no firewall changes required for using Exoprise solutions. Desktops, sensors, and browser add-ons securely communicate with Exoprise servers via HTTPs / 443.

Absolutely, what good is a DEM solution that doesn’t support proxies or VPN diagnostics? Exoprise solutions excel at diagnosing poor proxy, SASE, and VPN performance.

Yes, Service Watch excels at analyzing Wi-Fi and network conditions alongside analysis of ISPs, the Internet, and network latency. This quickly identifies the source of network problems.

Digital Experience Monitoring for Microsoft 365 and UCaaS

Absolutely, Service Watch Desktop examines network dependent applications in real-time to detect poor response time, congestion, and other types of packet loss.

Exoprise’s synthetic monitoring can be run from the same service that is Service Watch Desktop for a unique combination of proactive and passive monitoring from every vantage point.

See What Proactive Network Visibility Really Solves

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