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Digital Experience Monitoring

Every App, Every Network

  • Know about outages before users do
  • Pinpoint network problems everywhere
  • Complete coverage to work from anywhere
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Detect and Resolve Issues Faster

Exoprise is the leading digital experience monitoring (DEM) solution for Microsoft 365, Office 365, Salesforce, and other cloud apps — providing IT visibility and boosting employee productivity.

Our platform enables IT professionals to troubleshoot network performance issues, detect service provider outages, and capture real user experience for any application.

Digital Experience Monitoring Platform; Synthetics + RUM
Crowdsourced SaaS Monitoring


 Instant Network & SaaS Benchmarks

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The Crowd

360-degree View Of Your SaaS And Network Services

Your Place Or Ours

Network Intelligence From Every Angle

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Monitor ALL of Microsoft 365

ALL of Microsoft 365

Monitor Every App, Every Service

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Our Synthetics

Digital Experience For SaaS, Networks, And Collaboration Apps

Digital Experience

Network-based Digital Experience Monitoring

Service Watch
Real-User Monitoring

Digital Experience Monitoring for SaaS and Endpoint Devices

The adoption of digital technologies is growing at an unprecedented rate. Flexible cloud architectures are changing the face of IT by offering low-cost SaaS solutions in the market. Gartner predicts that in 2021, the SaaS market revenue will reach over $332 billion. Business demands for digital transformation and new enterprise cloud apps must be met with seamless and uninterrupted delivery of services to its end users, no matter what device or location they access from. Digital Experience Monitoring for SaaS apps will allow network administrators to do so.

Service Watch Browser

Detect network and application problems for each user
Lightweight, non-intrusive browser add-on
Easy installation, no admin rights required

Service Watch Browser

Service Watch Desktop

Isolate employee client, network, or server problems
Diagnose poor WiFi, ISP, branch, or LAN/WAN networking
Capture desktop errors, crashes, and reliability metrics

Service Watch Desktop

Solving Network Challenges for Top Global Brands

Comprehensive Solutions for Business

Exoprise Monitoring Automatic Dashboards

Digital Experience Monitoring

Optimize user experience for Web and SaaS applications and services

DEM for networks and SaaS apps

SD-WAN, SDN, Migration Planning and Assessment

Network Transformations

Network changes like SD-WAN or cloud proxy migrations start with application visibility and end user experience monitoring (EUEM)

Free network & cloud benchmarks

Unified Communications Lifecycle and Performance Management

UCaaS & VoIP Monitoring

UCaaS platforms like Teams, Slack, & Webex require proactive and real-user monitoring

Find out how we do it

Complete Coverage for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365

SaaS/Web Application Monitoring

Script-free monitoring for any SaaS or web application from any location

See our cloud ready synthetics

Office 365 Monitoring for ALL the Apps. We’re the Only Ones That Can

Don't believe us? Try it yourself, it takes 5 minutes to setup.

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Monitor Exchange, Outlook, OWA

Get a 360-degree view of Exchange Online, Outlook, Outlook Web Access, and MAPI performance and more from all your access points. Monitor mail flow, messages, SPAM and mail hygiene delays. Know about email outages before your users and Microsoft does.

New SharePoint Logo

Monitor SharePoint

Monitor SharePoint with Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM) and Real User Monitoring (RUM) in one platform from every direction. Proactively monitor for slow web servers from your branch offices or our clouds. Get deep insights into SharePoint response time, page load timings, and elevated SharePoint health scores.

New OneDrive Logo

Monitor OneDrive

OneDrive is a critical component of Office 365 and heavily utilized by most users. Monitor OneDrive upload, download, sync and response times from all locations. Detect OneDrive outages and report on OneDrive SLA violation to receive service credits. CloudReady monitor pays for itself with a single outage.

New Teams Logo

Monitor Microsoft Teams

Only Exoprise can test and monitor the actual Microsoft Teams/WebRTC infrastructure for Messaging, Voice, and Video performance data. Exoprise Teams monitoring integrates with the Call Quality Dashboard for capacity planning and assessment.

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Monitor Yammer

Yammer is critical to Office 365 information management and today’s enterprise knowledge worker. Exoprise Yammer sensors continually test messaging, posts, synchronization and access through Single Sign-On and more. Detect Yammer outages in real time before users do and recover service credits.

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