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Monitor Your Cloud Apps.
Your Locations.
  • Know about outages before users do
  • Pinpoint network problems everywhere
  • Ensure providers meet their SLAs
  • End-to-end application monitoring


We help you find and fix issues with your cloud apps fast. Exoprise is the leading solution provider for Office 365 monitoring, Salesforce, GSuite and more. Monitor any SaaS application with Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM) or Real User Monitoring (RUM) — even apps you don’t own.

Our platform enables IT professionals to troubleshoot network performance, detect service provider outages, and capture user experience for any application. Regain visibility and control with Exoprise CloudReady.

CloudReady Office 365 and SaaS Monitoring Platform & Personas

Tools for Digital Experience Monitoring

All Your Apps
Monitor ALL of Your SaaS Apps from One Platform. Monitor ALL of Office 365

Monitor All of Your SaaS services like Office 365, Salesforce, Box & Skype from the same single pane of glass.

Know in Real Time
Real-time Service Healh for Office 365, Azure, AWS and more

Detect outages and fix problems before they impact your business.  From real-time alarms and troubleshooting to long-term SLA trending.

Your Place or Ours
Digital Experience Monitoring from the End-User Perspective

Behind your firewall or out in the cloud — CloudReady sensors can be deployed anywhere for any app & any network.

Super Smart Exoprise Customers

Crowd-Sourced Network Benchmarks

Crowd-Powered Analytics

Instant network benchmarks — compare you network performance

Monitor SaaS Apps From Any Branch, Any Location

Any Branch, Any Location

Deploy everywhere for end-to-end network and app intelligence.

Monitor Any App, Any Web Page

User Experience for Any Web App

Digital Experience Monitoring for any SaaS Application. Know about outages before the provider does.

Office 365 Monitoring for ALL the Apps. We’re the Only Ones That Can

Don't believe us? Try it yourself, it takes 5 minutes to setup.

New Exchange Logo

Monitor Exchange, Outlook, OWA

Get a 360-degree view of Exchange Online, Outlook, Outlook Web Access, and MAPI performance and more from all your access points. Monitor mail flow, messages, SPAM and mail hygiene delays. Know about email outages before your users and Microsoft does.

New SharePoint Logo

Monitor SharePoint

Monitor SharePoint with Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM) and Real User Monitoring (RUM) in one platform from every direction. Proactively monitor for slow web servers from your branch offices or our clouds. Get deep insights into SharePoint response time, page load timings, and elevated SharePoint health scores.

New OneDrive Logo

Monitor OneDrive

OneDrive is a critical component of Office 365 and heavily utilized by most users. Monitor OneDrive upload, download, sync and response times from all locations. Detect OneDrive outages and report on OneDrive SLA violation to receive service credits. CloudReady monitor pays for itself with a single outage.

New Teams Logo

Monitor Microsoft Teams

Only Exoprise can test and monitor the actual Microsoft Teams/WebRTC infrastructure for Messaging, Voice, and Video performance. Exoprise Teams monitoring integrates with the Call Quality Dashboard for capacity planning and assessment.

New Skype Icon

Monitor Skype for Business

We automate actual Skype for Business clients to test and monitor the end-to-end Skype infrastructure for detecting outages and reducing Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR). Complete visibility into Jitter, Packet Loss, Call Quality and more. Detect call quality issues before your users do, before that important call.

New Yammer Icon

Monitor Yammer

Yammer is critical to Office 365 information management and today’s enterprise knowledge worker. Exoprise Yammer sensors continually test messaging, posts, synchronization and access through Single Sign-On and more. Detect Yammer outages before users do and recover service credits.

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