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Exoprise Glossary


What is an Endpoint?

Endpoint generally refers to a point of interaction, communication, or connection within a system or network. In the context of Exoprise, endpoints refer to devices instrumented as Private Sites or end user devices instrumented with Service Watch. These endpoints serve as a node where communications can originate from the device to the Exoprise servers.

Here is a basic explanation of when to use Private Sites vs. Service Watch:

Private Site: A dedicated machine instrumented to continuously run CloudReady synthetics. Private Sites can be deployed to Windows based machines and it is recommended to deploy to a device that is always on and connect to the internet.

Service Watch: Real User Monitoring deployed to end users devices for ensuring users devices are running optimally. Service Watch is available for Windows and macOS and captures performance and network metrics for benchmarking and baselining while providing proactive notifications of application performance degradation.

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