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Exoprise Glossary


What is a Gateway?

Gateways are device or software applications that connect two different networks and facilitate data exchange between them. Gateways enable communication between systems by acting as an entrance and exit point for data between different networks, utilizing different protocols, formats, and architectures.

Some of the most common gateways and their functions include:

Network Gateway:

Network gateways connect networks that utilize different communication protocols. They manage the flow of data between the LAN and external network for handling IP address translation and routing.

Protocol Gateway:

Protocol gateways translate data between communication protocols. Often seen in industrial automation and Internet of Things (IoT) where devices and systems utilize different protocols. The gateway translates data from one protocol to another to ensure seamless communication.

VoIP Gateway:

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateway connects telephone networks (PSTN) to IP-based networks. They allow for converting voice signals to digital from analog for transmission over the web.

Cloud Gateway:

Cloud gateways provide connections between local networks and cloud-based services. Organizations utilize these to securely access cloud resources with on prem infrastructures.

Gateways are necessary for seamless connectivity between diverse networks and systems, they enable them to work together with ease.

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