Crowd Powered Application Performance Monitoring for SaaS

You’re still on the hook to keep users online, even in the cloud

Are you leveraging cloud-based apps like Office 365, Google Apps, and Smart. Running these mission critical applications in the cloud provides you with unlimited scalability and agility without the costs and burden of managing your own infrastructure. However, just because you no longer own the servers doesn’t mean you’re not on the hook to ensure your users have continuous access to the apps the rely on. To do this, you need management and monitoring tools that are born in the cloud for the needs of the cloud.

Exoprise CloudReady® – Performance monitoring for cloud apps

Exoprise gives you unmatched insight and command of your cloud-based applications, from the locations where your users are to the cloud and back. Combining synthetic transaction monitoring and network path diagnostics, with crowd sourced data analytics, CloudReady enables you to identify issues before they affect your users, with real-time alerts and end-to-end service delivery analysis so you can find and fix problems fast.

What we monitor

CloudReady uses performance sensors (lightweight software agents) you deploy behind your firewall to monitor the cloud apps and services you use. We provide both application specific and general cloud and network sensors, as well as sensors for hybrid cloud infrastructure (e.g. ADFS, AD, and local Exchange servers) so you can get a complete picture of your entire cloud application delivery chain. We offer performance monitoring solutions for: