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End-to-End Office 365 Monitoring

Exoprise CloudReady is the leading solution for Office 365 monitoring including Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, ADFS and MORE to detect, diagnose and fix performance issues fast. With CloudReady you know about outages immediately — even before Microsoft knows itself.

Online communication and collaboration is mission critical.  If Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business Online is slow or down, so are your users.  When that happens, it’s your job to find and fix the problem whether it’s in your network, at your ISP, or at Microsoft.

Office 365 monitoring is a challenge. Traditional monitoring tools can’t see past your firewall, and the Microsoft Office 365 Service Health Dashboard has no visibility outside Microsoft’s network. If these are the only tools you have, you’ll find yourself in the dark the next time you’re trying to figure out if there’s an outage or where the problem is. You need an application performance monitoring solution with end-to-end visibility into the end-user experience from your network to Microsoft’s cloud.

Dashboard for Monitoring ALL of Office 365+
See Both Sides of Office 365
New SharePoint Logo
Monitor SharePoint Online

End-to-end SharePoint monitoring from your place or ours


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Monitor Exchange Online

Monitor Exchange Online, Outlook Web App (OWA), MAPI, ActiveSync from any location


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Monitor Microsoft Teams & Skype

Proactive monitoring for Microsoft Teams & Skype

Free Office 365 Performance Tests

Instantly test and compare your network performance for all of your cloud services from any location. Benchmark your network.

Network Latency

Proactively baseline latency to any Office 365 endpoint for Exchange, SharePoint & Microsoft Teams

DNS Monitoring

Capture DNS lookup performance for any cloud service. Test your DNS response, provider uptime and caching.

Compare ISP, Backbone & Cloud

End-to-end comparisons for ISP, Backbone and Cloud Provider performance. Historical & real-time metrics gathered for free.

Operate Office 365 with Confidence

CloudReady® is an application performance monitoring (APM) solution specifically designed to address the needs of organizations using mission critical SaaS applications like Microsoft Office 365.

CloudReady gives you end-user experience coverage for all of your Office 365 services 24×7, detecting outages and performance issues before they impact your users. CloudReady is the only Office 365 monitoring solution with complete end-to-end coverage for:

Our Web and Network Sensors enable you to monitor other any SaaS application from the same console. CloudReady supports ALL of the leading cloud services like Salesforce, Dropbox, Box, Workday and more.  Monitor your own internally developed web applications from behind the firewall or out in the cloud from our public Points of Presence (POPS).

Office 365 Monitoring of SharePoint Online+

Integrated Office 365 Service Health

CloudReady is tightly integrated with the real-time Office 365 Service Health Communications status to give you a complete perspective into your mission-critical SaaS services. See Microsoft’s view of their datacenter infrastructure at the same time as you actively test your own infrastructure, network, ISPs and dependent services.

  • Subscribe to and publish Microsoft service messages and notifications
  • Simple one-time OAuth setup enables your entire organization to stay informed
Weekly Office 365 Health Report

Subscribe to our weekly Cloud Health Report to see how Office 365 performs each week. Measured from 1000’s of locations throughout the world.

Download the Datasheet

Read more about the capabilities and share.

SLA Management & Reporting

One Tool to Administer ALL of Office 365

Most Office 365 outage and performance problems are caused by downstream service and network failures or configuration problems. CloudReady has many unique features that give you the insight you need to optimize your environment, before, during, and after migration. Prevent problems and quickly pinpoint the root cause when outages do occur. Measure and report on SLA trends over time.

With crowd powered Office 365 monitoring by Exoprise, you can move to the cloud without living in the dark.

Assess, Test, Diagnose, and Report on Your Network


With full coverage for the entire Office 365 Suite including mission-critical Skype for Business, CloudReady is the perfect solution for assessing and testing your network BEFORE you migrate and make the switch to Office 365. Along with pre-migration network assessment, CloudReady enables:

  • Rapid identification, isolation and remediation of issues across the entire Office 365 suite
  • Real-time visibility into the entire network path
  • Integrated access diagnostics — through gateways, proxies, and Single Sign-On

Your Place or Ours - Optimize Your Office 365 Connections From Every Angle

Self service deployment or our cloud locations

Monitor Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype4B from where your users access them. Branch office, HQ, WiFi, VPN, laptop and more.

Monitor from Our Cloud Points of Presence

Monitor your Single Sign-On (SSO), MDM, and internal applications from our points-of-presence.

Monitor Mission-critical TLS / SSL Certificates for Office 365

Your access to SaaS services like Office 365 has thousands of dependencies — there’s pros and cons to the ease of cloud application delivery. Now with CloudReady, you can monitor the TLS/SSL servers and certificates across your (& Microsoft’s) infrastructure to make sure your traffic is secure.

Monitor SSL Certificates

Ensure dependent certificates don’t expire for SSO and other services

Test TLS Authentication

Test & monitor SSL handshakes end-to-end, detect root certificate and cipher changes

Detect MITM Spoofing

Examine SSL certificates from multiple vantage points to ensure TLS/SSL integrity

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