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Cloud Performance Trends Measured by the Crowd

The Weekly Cloud Health Report is brought to you by Exoprise CloudReady®

The graphs and tables below summarize real user performance data collected from the Exoprise Crowd – our global network of sensors deployed by our customers in their networks, from the locations where their users access the cloud.

CloudReady Weekly Cloud Scorecard

(Click on logos to visit provider dashboards.)

Office 365

Office 365 Status
Office 365 Login Trend
Office 365 Data Transfer Trends Status NA Server Trends

Amazon Web Services

AWS Status
AWS Bandwidth Trend

Microsoft Azure

Azure Status
Azure Bandwidth Trend

Google Apps

Gmail Status
Gmail Performance Trend

Join the Crowd!

Want this type of insight into your cloud-based apps and services? Get detailed cloud app performance and availability data measured from your user locations, compared with regional and global crowd aggregated averages, plus network diagnostics and real-time alerts to keep you on top of issues affecting your users.

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