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Cloud Performance Measured by the Crowd

Get free weekly cloud health reports for the major enterprise cloud services from Office 365, Amazon Web Services, Google, Salesforce and others. Measured by the crowd — our global customer network of 1000s of monitoring points that continuously test cloud performance and availability.

Keep tabs on Office 365, Skype, Gmail, and more!

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Want this type of insight into your cloud-based apps and services? Get detailed cloud app performance and availability data measured from your user locations, compared with regional and global crowd aggregated averages, plus network diagnostics and real time alerts to keep you on top of issues affecting your users.



Check out some of the service provider dashboards

Most cloud service providers host service health dashboards for their users. These status pages show the provider’s view of the health of their service, but do not reflect actual availability and performance experienced by users, which is dependent on local and ISP infrastructure and network health. While they provide valuable information to subscribers, they cannot take the place of actual monitoring of the services from the user points of access.

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