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Exoprise Glossary


What is Crowdsourced?

Crowdsourced refers to a process in which information is obtained from large groups of people, typically the general public or online communities. It utilizes the collective metrics of CloudReady and Service Watch by anonymously aggregating and then slicing the data up by region, ISP, and ASN’s. Crowdsourced analytics allow organizations to review the crowd data for benchmarking and baselining purposes.

Some of the most common scenarios where crowdsourcing is utilized include:

Data Collections:

Compiling data on a particular topic, from a large number of contributors distributed geographically. This can include data collections for mapping, reviews, and scietific research.

Problem Solving:

Seeking solutions from diverse groups to address specific challenges or problems. This applies to various fields, from technology to product development.

Content Creation:

Creating content, much like articles and videos through contributions of a broad community instead of a single creator. Wiki’s are a good example of crowdsourced content.

Crowdsourcing uses the collective intelligence, skills, and resources of groups facilitated through technology. Although it requires management to ensure quality and reliability of the contributions, it also provides organizations with the ability to collaborate and innovate on a large scale.

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