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NetworkWorld tests four commercial products:
Exoprise CloudReady, AppNeta, ThousandEyes and Dynatrace
Network World

By Susan Perschke, NetworkWorld

Once moved to the cloud, applications become more challenging to manage. Cloud app performance management and performance monitoring tools help identify bottlenecks and other performance metrics.

Good tools can help determine if bottlenecks are isolated to the application itself or if there are system-wide issues with a particular provider. The most granular tools can even do a deep-dive into the app to see if individual processes, such as database queries, are running optimally.

For this review, we tested four commercial products, Exoprise CloudReady, AppNeta, ThousandEyes and Dynatrace. We focused mainly on ease of deployment, day-to-day management, overall features and cost. We did not focus much on network overhead, but this is certainly a consideration, especially where agents need to be deployed.

Exoprise CloudReady was by far the easiest solution to get up and running quickly. Knowing first-hand how little time many IT administrators have to allocate to one more task, we can appreciate that. The pricing structure is also very competitive and simple to understand.

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