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Office 365 Outage for Many EMEA Users: Another Reason to Cover your SaaS


There’s been lots of chatter today in the Tech Press regarding an Office 365 outage in EMEA.  Today’s outage only affected services that depend on Azure Active Directory. Um…that’s a lot of stuff a lot of users are dependent on to get their job done. Yikes! Here’s some of the coverage:

These types of outages are rare, and most issues that affect your SaaS performance and availability usually aren’t the fault of the SaaS provider.  In fact, even when they hit their 99.9% financially backed SLA, you can still be affected by 60+ hours of annual downtime ( Here’s the Math ).

It’s just another reason it is absolutely critical to cover your SaaS with a tool that can:

  • Monitor SaaS system health end to end
  • Detect issues in real time
  • Alert you in the way you want
  • Analyze the root cause with detailed diagnostics

Without this coverage, there’s little you can do to speed resolution – even if it’s to make sure you choke the right throat. We hear many horror stories of users calling the SaaS provider, sitting in a hold queue for hours, then learning the issue was on their end. For instance it could be their internal DNS, a router, ISP, or any of a multitude of elements in the service delivery chain.

That’s why customers with tools like Exoprise CloudReady Monitor have their SaaS covered – end to end.   Why not Start a free Trial today?

Here’s a series of screen shots showing what CloudReady would have done for you today:

SharePoint Outage

Mark Yohai leads Sales for Exoprise. He loves helping IT teams avoid getting nasty calls from their SaaS app users.

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