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Today’s dynamic business landscape challenges organizations to find ways to optimize their investment and streamline their budgets. With the increasing prominence of remote work and user experience playing a pivotal role in productivity, obtaining a high return on investment (ROI) has become more critical than ever. This article explores how Exoprise’s synthetic sensors (Cloudready) and Real User Monitoring (RUM via Service Watch) offer valuable insights that can help drive ROI and enhance digital experience monitoring for businesses.

The Need for ROI in an Evolving IT Landscape

The current business climate presents IT staff and decision-makers with heightened pressure to achieve optimized ROI while meeting the increased demands of remote work environments and cloud-based applications. Exoprise recognizes these challenges and offers a comprehensive suite of tools that help organizations maximize ROI, recover lost budget expenses, and improve support efficiency across all network and application layers.

Likewise, without comprehensive information, internal outages are a real threat to organizational delivery of key computing productivity. Network administrators often make changes without knowing all the affects, nor what to do to fix the problems or even if changes caused new issues or merely revealed what already existed.

With the proper information at hand, root causes are identified and resolved, no matter the source. The results are fewer support tickets, recovered service credits, employee retention, and improved productivity. ROI is no longer a pipe dream but an achievable goal with demonstrative metrics.

ROI of Synthetic Monitoring

Leveraging Exoprise Tools to Evaluate and Optimize IT Infrastructure

Corporate computing environments cover widely varying network demands to deliver core applications ranging from in-house to cloud services and hosting, to virtual networks and machines. Communications also present an array of challenges from network hosted telephony, email systems hosted on or off-site, and audio/video collaboration solutions with sensitive configuration thresholds to which users are even more sensitive since these often host high-visibility meetings. Up-time and performance are higher demands than ever while proven ROI is a requirement for technology budgets.

Exoprise tools provide a wealth of features that enable organizations to evaluate and optimize their IT infrastructure. This includes the assessment of SDWAN implementations, network upgrades, branch office networking, and monitoring at-home networks provided by ISPs, and VPN connections. By utilizing Exoprise synthetic sensors and RUM, businesses can gain valuable insight into crucial aspects of their network performance and make informed decisions that positively impact their ROI.

The Power of Crowd-sourced Data for Configuration and Maintenance

Exoprise’s unique cloud-based monitoring sensors harness the power of crowd-sourced data, providing benchmarks and baselines for troubleshooting, performance enhancements, configurations, and ROI analysis. Leveraging these data sets, businesses gain access to real-world insights that can be used to fine-tune network hardware, improve remote user networks, and optimize core applications. This crowd-sourced data helps streamline support operations while significantly reducing costs.

Crowd Data For Easy Benchmarking and Baselining
Use the crowd to compare yourself to other Exoprise customers.

Synthetic Monitoring Enhancing Network Performance

Synthetic monitoring plays a vital role in assessing network performance at various layers. By utilizing Exoprise synthetic sensors, businesses can proactively detect outages and potential network issues before end-users are affected. This early detection capability reduces the time required for triage and ensures that network teams can promptly address any issues. Costly disruptions are minimized and significantly enhance both user experience and ROI.

Running synthetic sensors is more effective than ever. Cloudready offers a wide range of non-intrusive synthetics which run from the cloud effectively discovering details of a network and applications previously unavailable to IT staff. These SaaS sensors create a unique opportunity to monitor and manage all applications at all locations across multiple ISPs, including multiple operating systems.

Dashboard showing home and office network performance
Dashboard showing home and office network performance.

Proper RUM Reduces Support Tickets and Improves Productivity

Real User Monitoring (RUM) is another critical aspect offered by Exoprise that aids in reducing support tickets and enhancing productivity. RUM provides deep insights into the end-user experience, allowing organizations to identify and address any performance bottlenecks quickly. With RUM, businesses can ensure that users receive a seamless digital experience, resulting in increased productivity, reduced helpdesk tickets, and improved ROI.

Service Watch is a non-disruptive tool which operates on Windows OS, macOS, and Linux. With this RUM solution, local issues, whether drivers, services, home networks or residential ISP, are identified for prompt resolution. Users gain the benefit of real solutions for real problems, even when discovered over Teams, Office 365, and many other applications whether cloud hosted or single page applications including email services. Core applications are easily delivered to all users in all locations with improved support.

A Client’s Perspective: Enhancing Network Infrastructure with Exoprise

One of Exoprise’s large clients currently utilizes CloudReady’s synthetic sensors and RUM to optimize their network infrastructure. They are running synthetics in various branch offices and remote networks, evaluating the impact on users as they transition to a new SDWAN topology.

Changes to branch offices for this large corporation are opportunities to repurpose sensors for testing. As a result, this client has gained valuable insights into optimizing network hardware and minimizing internal outages. Additionally, this IT staff is focused on assessing home ISPs and other network environments for remote workers, ensuring seamless digital experiences. Sources of lag and jitter are identified for remediation no matter the source, layer, or location.

Even middle range exchange routing between ISPs can be identified as the source of problems and addressed with the ISP. Further, all cloud application providers from large to small can be monitored for outages and trouble spots to recover credits where possible for further organizational ROI. No longer are IT personnel blind to problems since Exoprise gathers and provides actionable information never observable with previous monitoring methodologies.


Exoprise offers a comprehensive suite of synthetic sensors and RUM tools that empower organizations to optimize their ROI and enhance digital experience monitoring. By leveraging crowd-sourced data, businesses can gain valuable insights into their network performance, reduce support tickets, and improve productivity. With Exoprise, organizations can navigate the evolving IT landscape with confidence, ensuring that their network infrastructure and user experience meet the demands of a dynamic and digitally driven business environment while gaining proven ROI metrics.

Brad Saville is the Director of Customer Success and aims to help customers get the most out of their Exoprise environment.

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