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Exoprise recently added support for monitoring OneDrive and SharePoint using OAuth credentials in addition to full experience monitoring via headless browsers. Now, with full support for OAuth and the Microsoft Graph API, you can choose whether you want to monitor the real browser-based experience and performance or if you don’t want to share credentials and just want to monitor via the Graph API.

Both types of monitoring, API and browser-based, are valuable and provide advance warning of network and Office 365 tenancy problems even before Microsoft knows itself. Utilizing the Microsoft Graph API, sensors can run more quickly. Monitoring via a real browser experience can tell you, end-to-end, whether all of your infrastructure, Single Sign-On and proxies included, are operating well.

Exoprise CloudReady is the only solution that provides both types of monitoring and makes it seamless to set up within the same platform. Easily monitor from behind the firewall or from public clouds.

OneDrive SharePoint Azure AD Monitoring
Monitor your OneDrive and SharePoint tenants without supplying credentials

OneDrive, SharePoint API vs Browser Tests

Exoprise now supports API tests for most Office 365 applications as well as full end user experience monitoring via headless automated browsers. Both set of testing and monitoring is crucial to Digital Experience Monitoring in addition to the Real User Monitoring (RUM) that Exoprise Service Watch provides. The different testing and monitoring can be used in different situations depending on your tenant settings, deployment, installation and dependencies.


 API TestingFull Experience Browser Tests
End-to-end Synthetic Tests
Hop-by-Hop Network Telemetry
Monitors Office 365 Tenant Health
Tests Azure AD
Measures Upload/Download Performance
Emulates a Real User
Tests Proxy Access Like A User
Works with MFA Accounts
Tests Single Sign-on Capability
Can run as frequently as once a minute


Start a Free Trial Today. Its Simple To Get Started

Every day customers start and deploy a full suite of sensors in under 5 minutes. Give it a try for network benchmarks, root cause analysis and complete visibility into ALL of Office 365.

Wizard Driven, Easy Setup and Deploy

As with most everything Exoprise does, we focus on making it easy to deploy and manage. That’s no difference with these newer sensors for OneDrive Monitoring and SharePoint Monitoring via the Microsoft Graph API sensors – they are easy to deploy, validate and manage.

OneDrive Sensor Setup+
Monitor OneDrive Performance and Availability End-to-end
Create OAuthorization or Centrally Manage+
Simple, wizard driven setup, ensures security and success

API Monitoring for SaaS Services

The Exoprise CloudReady SharePoint and OneDrive API sensors run as frequently as once a minute to test both Microsoft’s infrastructure as well as your own network dependencies. Monitoring these services via OAuth to ensure, for example, that OneDrive sync is operating well for your tenant and users is important.

Azure AD (AAD) is the cornerstone for Office 365, Single Sign-On (SSO), delegation and permissions throughout your organization. Regardless of whether you are using a different SSO solution like Okta, Ping or ADFS. Testing OAuth token and refresh access and Azure AD application performance is critical because there is a growing dependency on OAuth for access, integration, and workflow. In many cases, the same APIs that SharePoint environment are built with, utilize the same web services and APIs that are being monitored.

Start your SharePoint and OneDrive Monitoring today.


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Jason Lieblich leads Exoprise and loves helping customers get started proactively monitoring their clouds.

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