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Decomposing cloud app transactions to pinpoint problems – inside or outside your network

When your cloud-based apps start performing slowly, identifying root cause can be a challenge. The fact is, a single transaction, like login, is composed of a number of network and service sub-transactions, and until you examine those you may not be able pinpoint the source of service latency or disruption. To address this challenge we have built features into CloudReady Monitor that enable you to decompose user transactions such as service login or message transfer to view timings and trends at the sub-transaction level.

In this first video in our new CloudReady Tech series, we dig into this feature and give an example of how to identify the “smoking gun” causing poor SharePoint login performance.

Detailed Transaction Timing data is available within most of our sensor types, including Exchange Online, SharePoint, and Gmail and will be a standard capability in new sensor types going forward. Check it out!

Have you joined the crowd?

If you’re not already using CloudReady Monitor you can get started monitoring your cloud-based apps and services in just five minutes. Our free 15-day trial lets you see how crowd data analytics gives you the performance and availability insight essential to effective enterprise use of cloud services.

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