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Monitor your cloud, inside and out

We’re very excited about the latest capability we’ve added to Exoprise CloudReady® – Public Sites. In many scenarios, monitoring the availability and performance of cloud-based apps and services is best done from points inside your network. After all, if you are responsible for delivery of Workday or for an office of desk workers you can’t effectively test the full network path your users use by placing monitoring points at some arbitrary locations in the cloud. Your mileage can, and probably will, vary. For this reason we generally recommend deploying sensors for public cloud services close to where the users are.

But in some cases, you also need to be monitoring parts of your cloud from outside your network, especially when your users are highly distributed and/or mobile. For example, your Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) environment probably provides external access so users can use their network credentials to log into cloud apps while working remotely. To make sure this external channel is working remotely you need to test it remotely. Or, perhaps you have workers in a geographic location where you have no permanent office location from which to monitor.

Both of these scenarios are addressed by Public Sites. These sites have been created and are managed globally by Exoprise. You can deploy sensors to them in the same way you deploy sensors to your own private sites. And unlike many other solutions you don’t have to pick a solution that’s better on one monitoring model but weaker in the other. With CloudReady public and private sites can be leveraged together and viewed from the same sensor dashboard easily and seamlessly.

In this CloudReady Tech video, we show how to take advantage of this new capability.

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Have you joined the crowd?

If you’re not already using CloudReady Monitor you can get started monitoring your cloud-based apps and services in just five minutes. Our free 15-day trial lets you see how crowd data analytics gives you the performance and availability insight essential to effective enterprise use of cloud services.

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