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The team here at Exoprise recently added a number of CloudReady Public Sites based on customer demand. We were also in need of an expansion for a number of our existing Public Sites (we’re looking at you Sydney AU).

Public Sites are Points of Presence (POPs) maintained by Exoprise in various public clouds where you can deploy most of the same sensors that you can deploy to a CloudReady Private Site. Private Sites are instances of our software that you can deploy to any Windows machine (virtual or physical) that you own.  Generally, Public Sites are the OUT of the Outside-In versus Private Sites which are the IN of the Inside-Out.

You deploy and maintain Private Sites on your own networks (or cloud VMs if you want), we deploy and maintain Public Sites. CloudReady Sensors can be managed the same way regardless if you are deploying to one of our sites or your own. You can even have some sensors talk to other sensors (receivers) running on our Public Sites.

Here’s the latest list of our Public Sites:

Domestic Sites

  • Northern California
  • Oregon
  • Virginia
  • *Ohio

International Sites

  • *Montreal, Canada
  • Sydney Australia
  • *London, UK
  • *Mumbai, India
  • Ireland
  • *Seoul, Korea
  • *Frankfurt, Germany
  • *Sao-Paulo, Brazil

Sites with an asterisks were recently added within the past few weeks. We recently upgraded a number of sites in our Sydney AU region as it was quite popular and heavily used with lots of long haul destinations. Long haul destinations from Australia back to sites hosted in Europe or the Americas will tend to make the sensors run longer as well as the network telemetry for those sensors. To accommodate those longer sensor runs we typically expand a Public Site when it starts to get overloaded.

Point of Presence Coverage

Exoprise doesn’t (currently) try and compete on maximum coverage for our POPs. We’re different then some of the other generic Web testing tools out there. We make CloudReady wizard-driven and incredibly easy to deploy to any of your computers where-ever you have users that you want to measure their experience. This is typically behind the firewall for monitoring Software-as-a-Service applications that your users are dependent on. Once you deploy a Private Site you can add as many sensors to it as you like. CloudReady makes it as easy to deploy the same sensors to a Public POP as to a Private Site all from the same interface and management client.

What Customers Typically Deploy to Public Sites

Our multi-national enterprise customers typically deploy a mix of Office 365, Single Sign-On and sensors to monitor their externally facing websites. There’s quite a few reasons for deploying sensors to CloudReady Public Sites:

  • Emulating end-users that are off the corporate or MPLS LAN/WAN<
  • Comparing performance from public cloud networks to internal networks and ISPs
  • Ensuring that critical sites like Single Sign-On are operational from outside the network
  • Synthetically testing public facing websites

More coming soon…

Exoprise plans to introduce more Public Sites throughout the year. We are currently planning to expand our domestic coverage hopefully in more metropolitan regions. If you would like to have us include more coverage for a particular region, domestic or international, then just let us know at

Team Exoprise represents multiple people in the engineering, sales and marketing department here at Exoprise. It takes a village.

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