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If you haven’t signed up for our upcoming April 21 Work Anywhere Webinar with Exoprise and Forrester, now is a good time. The webinar highlights the challenges that businesses face today due to Covid disruption and innovative solutions to mitigate these challenges. Millions of Americans now work from the comfort of their home using Microsoft 365, Teams, Zoom, and other critical SaaS application services for their daily activities. Demand for cloud-based offerings has accelerated as companies abandon their on-premise computing infrastructure to ensure flexibility.

Work anywhere with Exoprise CloudReady and Service Watch

But entering a new territory faces new difficulties. Working from home means that every employee is connected to the internet which brings different experiences for each workplace. As employees choose to work remotely, IT needs to streamline and plan to deliver a superior digital experience otherwise impacting productivity and satisfaction levels. Traditional tools lack end-to-end application visibility and in several cases the context for successful troubleshooting. The Exoprise proactive monitoring solution covers multiple hops including applications, networks, and services across the entire delivery chain, and ensures an optimal digital experience.

Using a combination of synthetics and real user monitoring (RUM) agents, Exoprise provides holistic end-user experience management. The agents capture advanced telemetry data from a browser or desktop in the backend for faster troubleshooting. After correlating with synthetics, IT receives a complete view of the SaaS application health. The Web Experience Score (WXS) prioritizes which users would need immediate help remotely. WXS updates in real-time and is affected by service interruptions such as the recent Azure or Microsoft 365 outages covered in our previous blogs.

Register for the webinar on April 21, 2021 at 11 AM EST to learn from the experts. Sign up for a free 15-day trial of Exoprise to familiarize yourself with Exoprise CloudReady (Synthetics) or Service Watch (RUM).



Sidharth Kumar is Director of Product Marketing and enjoys hearing about, discovering, and helping customers get value from Exoprise products.

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