Do your users depend on Office 365?

Online communication and collaboration is mission critical.  If Office 365 is offline, so are your users.  When that happens, will they call Microsoft?  No.  They’ll call you.  Traditional systems management solutions can’t see into the cloud and the Microsoft Office 365 Service Health Dashboard has no visibility outside Microsoft’s network. 

If these are the only tools you have you may find yourself in the dark the next time there’s an outage.

Find and fix problems fast with Exoprise CloudReady®

CloudReady is a cloud-based, application performance monitoring solution specifically designed to address the needs of organizations using mission critical SaaS applications like Microsoft Office 365. 

CloudReady uses synthetic transactions to emulate real user interaction with Office 365 services including:

  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • Lync Online
  • Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and other SSO solutions

CloudReady gives you the insight you need to quickly detect, isolate, and fix problems impacting the performance of your Office 365 service.

Synthetic Application Monitoring

  • See end-to-end transaction times from your access locations
  • Analyze login, email/document transfer, SAML transactions performance and more
  • Get alerts for outages, errors & performance degradations via email or SMS

Crowd Data Analytics

  • Compare user experience at your locations with data from other subscribers
  • Know if problems are in your network, at the ISP, or in the Office 365 service itself
  • Document outages and service level attainment with downloadable reports

Network Path Diagnostics

  • Identify problem network nodes anywhere between your users and Microsoft
  • Diagnose network issues affecting packet loss, SSL negotiation, and DNS resolution
  • Compare local ISP performance v. historical data as well as other providers

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