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Another one in the books, 2019 is past and it went by fast. In this post, we’ll summarize events and accomplishments for the year and give a peek as to what’s in store for 2020.

Microsoft Outages to Start 2019

Unfortunately for us all, Microsoft started the year with a series of outages that affected customers but less so when they were running CloudReady and knew the outages were coming at them (and sometimes more importantly, when things were really fixed). Mailbox access for the beginning of the year in early January, followed by safe URL access, Skype problems, DNS and Azure AD issues.

Improved Integration

Based on feedback and customer demand, Exoprise released improved integration including WebHooks, Email Hooks, Office 365 Service Health Email subscriptions and Improved API Automation. Along with our existing integration of on-premises pubsub distribution of alarms these additional integration capabilities round out the different ways customers can consume and disseminate CloudReady real-time alerts. We have customers that are pushing alarms into Splunk Enterprise, Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager, Azure Monitor, ServiceNow, PagerDuty and more.

Improved Dashboard, Widgets and Visualizations

Throughout the year, Exoprise continually improved its dashboard integrations, reporting, widgets and status feeds. You can learn more about our visualizations capabilities and how take advantage of them in this four part series:

New Sensors – SSLCheck, SSLMonitor, Azure AD

In July, Exoprise released new sensors for monitoring SSL certificates, TLS connections, Cipher suites, and secure servers. These sensors can work behind the firewall or out in the cloud for SaaS served secure connections. Read more about the SSL sensors and why they’re important for securing SaaS and other Web applications.

Azure AD usage grew in 2019 with improvements and upgrades from Microsoft. In turn, based on requests and demands, Exoprise released a new Azure AD sensor which tests and ensures that your tenant and the system is responsive, reliable and highly available for accessing all of your Office 365 and cloud applications. Azure AD is as mission critical as your own Active Directory servers.

New Audit Table

In the mid summer, we launched a view into audit functionality that’s been in the product since inception though was never previously exposed. CloudReady has always audited events and activity within the product but didn’t expose it for consumption or export. Now the audit table for a tenant is fully exposed within the product and we’ll be adding more events to throughout the next year.

New Teams Audio Video Performance Monitoring

Exoprise released its long awaited Microsoft Teams Audio Video Conferencing sensor just in time for enterprises to evaluate their enterprise migrations from Skype for Business Online to Microsoft Teams. Microsoft announced that Skype for Business Online would be end-of-life’d in the summer of 2021.

Exoprise’s new sensor assists with the evaluation and transition from Skype to Microsoft Teams be enabling teams to evaluate WebRTC, Audio, Video performance across their environments. Read up the new Microsoft Teams Monitoring.

New Sensor Credits, Lowered Prices

In October of this year, we changed how we price Exoprise CloudReady and the sensors which are used to monitor SaaS applications. We changed from charging on a per-sensor basis to charging for per-sensor credits.  At the same time we lowered the price on some sensors including our WGET, Ping, DNS and Receiver sensors.  There were a number of factors that went into the change:

  • We wanted to be able to charge less for some sensors and more for other sensor types
  • We wanted to be able to offer more flexible pricing in the future
  • Customers requested lower pricing for sensors that duplicated functionality from more inexpensive tools

Microsoft Outages to Finish The Year

Lastly, to wrap up the year, starting on November 21st, Microsoft had a series of outages that repeated for tenants over a period of a few weeks. You can read more about the Office 365 outage event.

What’s Ahead

That’s its for 2019 and we have lots in store for 2020 that we’re working on:

Team Exoprise represents multiple people in the engineering, sales and marketing department here at Exoprise. It takes a village.

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