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A/B Testing for Network Changes

Work From Home Is Going Viral

Confronted with the global Coronavirus pandemic, IT and Network administrators now face the prospect of having large numbers of employees suddenly working from home. This change will likely require accelerated testing of network performance and digital experiences to ensure business-critical…

DevOps Requires Continuous Monitoring

Why Shift-Right is Essential for SaaS Applications

SaaS DevOps Needs to Include Post Deployment Monitoring To many IT software teams, the mantra currently fashionable for team practice is “shift-left.” That refers to moving certain activities, such as code integration, build, and testing, earlier in the software development…

New CloudReady PowerShell Management API

Exoprise recently released a new CloudReady PowerShell management API for configuring and maintaining a CloudReady environment alongside Office 365 environments. As our customers expand their use of CloudReady across different services and locations, they sometimes find a need to automate…

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