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Exoprise Digital Experience Scores

How Digital Experience Scores Optimize the Workplace

Introduction User experience is subjective. For example, asking tourists visiting New York City about their experiences gives different answers. Likewise, end-users who work remotely with different resources and disparate assets can have varied experiences with their business apps. How can…

End-user Experience Is Where IT Comes Together

6 Use Cases for Digital Experience Monitoring

What is Digital Experience Monitoring If you live and breathe in the technology industry, chances are you are hearing Digital Experience a lot these days. A remote-first culture is brewing in every company. You need to ensure that employees stay productive…

Exoprise Beating Competition In Digital Experience Monitoring

Why Exoprise Beats the Competition

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solutions like those from Exoprise monitor SaaS and custom web applications behind the firewall or cloud to deliver optimal performance to end-users. In a survey done by Forrester, 51% of technology teams and individuals are now…

Remote Work And Onboarding

On-boarding Remote Workers with Service Watch

The Road to Remote Work It’s been more than half a year since I joined Exoprise. When Covid-19 struck last year, it became clear that companies would expand their hiring requirements beyond local regions and find suitable candidates (just like…

Remote Workers During Covid19

Supporting Remote Workers During a Pandemic

Working from home is no longer an option but a necessity. Millions of Americans are now part of this “work from home” experiment triggered by Covid-19. There may be no turning back as employees and businesses choose this new emerging…

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