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Detect Connectivity Issues To Microsoft Dynamics From Any Location

Monitor Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Exoprise CloudReady

Microsoft Dynamics and Dynamics 365 are product lines encompassing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications. If you've made the shift to Dynamics 365 for its powerful combination with Office 365, then you need to monitor Microsoft Dynamics to ensure its uptime…

SharePoint Monitoring For SSO Interaction

New SharePoint Monitoring Metrics for Single Sign-On

Exoprise recently added new SharePoint monitoring metrics to the CloudReady SharePoint sensors with continuous telemetry into different Single Sign-On Providers as well as SharePoint file search performance and statistics. Here's an overview of the additional insight provided by these metrics.…

Monitor Any Web Or SaaS Application With CloudReady

How To Monitor Web Pages and SaaS Applications

CloudReady can easily monitor web pages and SaaS Applications from the end-user perspective. This article will demonstrate how easy it is to setup CloudReady for end-user perspective monitoring of any SaaS application or web page. While Exoprise specializes in monitoring…

Teams Overview

CloudReady Teams for Access Control

Exoprise recently added flexible team and Role Based Access Control (RBAC) support to the CloudReady platform. As customers have expanded usage, there's been a need for more control and delegation within the product. The engineers at Exoprise took a step back, investigated…

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